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A gem from our Digest

Our latest Digest looks at e-commerce in the time of coronavirus, with Singles Day just past and Black Friday coming up. The global pandemic has had a global impact, and here our algorithm highlighted an in-depth article out of South Korea from Rest of World that explores the impact on workers.

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Chosen by Christopher Brennan, Editor

Rest of World
A South Korean e-commerce titan falters, as rapid growth hurts its workforce

Jeon Woo-oak has the numb, strained aspect of someone forced to grieve in the public eye. It has been months since she recovered from Covid-19, but she is still nervous in public spaces, preferring to meet in a rented private study rather than a cafe. “I’m worried I might get it again,” Jeon says.

New Orleans Times-Picayune
A promising coronavirus vaccine is on the horizon. Who will get it first in Louisiana?

The announcement from drug manufacturer Pfizer Inc. Monday that its coronavirus vaccine could soon be ready for federal approval has placed a renewed focus on the next challenge of the global pandemic: distributing the billions of vaccine doses needed to eventually return life to normal.

A gem from local news

Deepnews.ai loves local news. There is a a lot of excellent reporting from outlets that you may not have heard of around the world, covering their communities in ways that have national or international implications. 

With distribution of a vaccine often taking place on a local level, this week our algorithm highlighted a piece from the New Orleans Times-Picayune digging deep into how the process could work for its readers.

Chosen by Christopher Brennan, Editor

A gem from the 
world of research

Our algorithm looks for quality content beyond the realm of traditional news outlets. This includes think tanks, trade magazines, and projects of all shapes and sizes digging into niche issues.

Here is a piece from New Mandala, an outlet focused on Southeast Asia hosted at Australian National University, about foreign policy, Indonesia, and ethnic Chinese people living there. In-depth research you might have missed.

Chosen by Christopher Brennan, Editor

New Mandala
How China’s foreign policy shapes prejudice against Chinese Indonesians

How do Indonesians’ views on the People’s Republic of China at large shape their attitudes towards Chinese Indonesians? Do China’s domestic and foreign policy actions have consequences on prejudice towards Chinese Indonesians? Our study finds that they do indirectly, by first affecting the benefits and drawbacks that Indonesians perceive in fostering close Sino-Indonesian relations.