Boeing, Boeing, Gone -Deepnews Digest #34

Out with the old CEO, in with the new. Just before the new year, Boeing fired its chief executive Dennis Muilenberg, after spending most of 2019 struggling over questions about accidents involving its 737 MAX aircrafts. Though the move likely came over the holidays as a way to get as little attention as possible, there has been solid, in-depth reporting on the economic impact, issues of trust and the continued stories of victims from the crashes. Here are the top 25 articles, found by the Deepnews Scoring Algorithm.

Trump Added to Naughty List – Deepnews Digest #33

Just before the holidays, President Trump has become the third commander-in-chief impeached by the U.S. House. A trial is coming to town next year and Democrats are double checking their lists of senators who could vote for removal. There are a lot of shallow pieces out there about what it all means, but Deepnews hopes you read these good ones, for goodness sake.

Taking Heat on Climate Change Deepnews Digest #32

The world’s attention this week turned to climate change, with the COP25 conference in Madrid and activist Greta Thunberg, who criticized leaders there, being named Time magazine’s Person of the Year. A lot of the headlines focused on a certain head of state insulting her, though at Deepnews we prefer our news to be a little less focused on Twitter. It turns out there are plenty of in-depth quality articles about climate change, the conference and Ms. Thunberg. Here are the top 25, as ranked by the Deepnews Scoring Algorithm.