World Watches Wuhan – UPDATE #Special Edition

Since last week’s Digest on coronavirus, the disease has continued to spread, with cases in Europe and deaths outside of the epicenter in Wuhan. Media around the world have explored what it means for their readers, making this update an incredibly geographically diverse selection. Misinformation and conspiracy theories have also been floated about where the virus came from, though these pieces (found by the Deepnews Scoring Model since the weekend) provide real, quality information.

World Watches Wuhan Virus – Digest #38

A new virus centered found in China has sparked worries around the world after its spread in the city of Wuhan, where it has killed more than twenty people. Cases have traveled to other parts of Asia as well as to the U.S., as scientists look to pinpoint exactly how the disease came to humans. Censorship means information has been a scarcity, which is where Deepnews comes in. Here are the top 25 articles of the week on the Wuhan coronavirus, as found by the Deepnews Scoring Model.