All In for Iowa Caucuses #39

It’s here. After months (and for some years) of debating and speculating who the Democratic Party should put up to challenge Donald Trump, the first votes will be taken on Monday in the Hawkeye State. There are plenty of pundits talking about the horse race, though this selection found with the Deepnews Scoring Model focuses on the in-depth reported pieces. Included are articles national and local about the perculiarities of the Iowa caucuses, their place in American life, and how the different candidates want to use them as a first step towards the White House.

World Watches Wuhan – UPDATE #Special Edition

Since last week’s Digest on coronavirus, the disease has continued to spread, with cases in Europe and deaths outside of the epicenter in Wuhan. Media around the world have explored what it means for their readers, making this update an incredibly geographically diverse selection. Misinformation and conspiracy theories have also been floated about where the virus came from, though these pieces (found by the Deepnews Scoring Model since the weekend) provide real, quality information.

World Watches Wuhan – Digest #38

A new virus centered found in China has sparked worries around the world after its spread in the city of Wuhan, where it has killed more than twenty people. Cases have traveled to other parts of Asia as well as to the U.S., as scientists look to pinpoint exactly how the disease came to humans. Censorship means information has been a scarcity, which is where Deepnews comes in. Here are the top 25 articles of the week on the Wuhan coronavirus, as found by the Deepnews Scoring Model.

Kremlin Carousel Takes a Turn #37

This week Vladimir Putin announced sweeping constitutional changes and the demotion of his longtime ally Dmitry Medvedev. The move sparked speculation among Kremlinologists that the current president and former prime minister may be Russia’s once and future PM, continuing his consolidation of power past 2024. Though Putin pops up in all sorts of news, this Digest looks particularly at Russia itself, and features on the ground reporting from outlets big and small. Found with the Deepnews Scoring Model.

On The Brink of War #36

The U.S. strike that killed Iranian general Qassim Soleimani has set the entire Middle East on edge, with worries that each country’s next move risks bumbling towards war. Some pundits are trying to cool things down as others warm to the idea of open conflict, and an Internet full of hot takes about what each actor should do can make it hard to find the facts. For this digest Deepnews, which read thousands of articles on the subject, we decided to spotlight only those pieces adding reporting, rather than a mix that included pure opinion writing. Here are 25 gathered by the Deepnews Scoring Algorithm.

Australia On Fire #35

Bushfires have been smoldering in Australia for weeks, though continued blazes demanded the entire world’s attention this week. Thousands of tourists were trapped on a beach that sparked an evacuation effort and the stories of animals who have lost their homes have broken hearts on social media. Beyond those short posts, here are 25 articles gathered by the Deepnews Scoring Algorithm, which feature on the ground reporting on the fires, their causes and the victims whose lives have been shook.