It’s Not Going To Be Your Average Tuesday #43

The last time Deepnews dipped into the Democratic primary, we were waiting for the first results from Iowa. Four weeks later the race is still in flux, with a clear front-runner in Bernie Sanders and a cast of others hoping South Carolina and the 14 Super Tuesday states give them the jolt to surpass him. This Digest, focused on reporting from the campaign trail rather than Washington, pulled in pieces from the biggest prizes, California and Texas, as well as contests in smaller states such as Alabama and Utah.

Fighting Far-Right Extremism #42

The killing of nine people at shisha bars in Hanau, Germany, highlights what Angela Merkel called the”poison” of racism in society. Alarms have been raised by groups across the world in recent years as they worry about many different forms of far-right violence and extremism, the broad subject of this week’s digest. Articles from the last two weeks found by the Deepnews Scoring Model use in-depth reporting and analysis to cover a wide range of angles on politics, misinformation and the fears of those targeted.

Tales from the (En)crypt #41

This week saw wave after wave of bombshell pieces about encryption and cybersecurity, with accusations about Huawei and the Equifax breach as well as revelations about the CIA’s longtime control of a major encryption company. It is a hard subject to cover and enough to have one’s head swimming in a sea of code and news. Luckily Deepnews is here to help decrypt everything that is going on, with these 25 articles found with the Deepnews Scoring Model.

Oscars Good As Gold? #40

Hollywood stars will strut the red carpet this Sunday for the Academy Awards, kicking off the annual analysis of what the film industry is doing right, what it is doing wrong, and whether the Oscars hold as much weight as they used to. This week’s selection looks at the controversies around the ceremony itself but also some of what makes this year’s crop of nominees particularly interesting, from the potential history that Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” could make to the role of Netflix to the technical marvel of “1917.” Outlets include the leading lights of La-La-Land, but also smaller sites whose work leading up to the big night was highlighted by the Deepnews Scoring Model.