The Quest for a Cure – UPDATE #58

Editor: Christopher Brennan
One of the reasons that I chose to gather articles about coronavirus treatments is that it is sometimes nice to focus on the positive. Last week’s Digest had many pieces on drug treatments for Covid-19, though this week’s largely look at what might be the ultimate goal, a vaccine that prevents people from getting sick in the first place. Though there’s a long road ahead, it’s a “shot in the arm” that researchers around the world are doing their best to help end the current situation.

The Quest for a Cure #57

Editor: Christopher Brennan
They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, though the question now is how to get that cure, no matter how many pounds or dollars or euros it costs. The week’s Digest focuses on the search for medical treatments to help end the coronavirus crisis, whether it be a vaccine, a drug regimen or something else. Doctors and researchers around the world are on the task, and the Deepnews Scoring Model gathered some of the most in-depth articles on the subject.

The Open Question – UPDATE #56

Editor: Christopher Brennan
This week has seen plans to reopen parts of life like school or hardware stores become a reality in some countries, with others looking, cautiously or not so cautiously, at when it could be their turn. This Digest is particularly global, with articles from Bengal to Berlin and from Greece to Georgia. Found with the Deepnews Scoring Model, they explore the tense moment many around the world are facing.

The Open Question #55

Editor: Christopher Brennan
It may not be the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s a tunnel with a little more room to move around. This week’s Digest focuses on debates around reopening economies and easing COVID-19 lockdowns, a question that brings small bits of hope but also worries about how to keep the virus under control. This list gathered by the Deepnews Scoring Model looks into issues of testing, jobs, cooperation or the lack thereof, and hard choices for leaders.

Getting Down to It. The Downturn – UPDATE #54

The International Monetary Fund has called it “The Great Lockdown” and compared it to an event that has come up more and more often, the Great Depression of 1929. What is increasingly clear is that our current moment has the potential to change the way that our economies work for the rest of our lives, whether on the scale of the international, national or local. It is a lot to take in, though all those angles are present in the update to last week’s Digest on the economic downturn, which we hope provides some information to help start making sense of things.

Getting Down to It. The Downturn #53

Editor: Christopher Brennan

While some countries are looking at slowly lifting their lockdowns, the world is entering the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning of coronavirus. What comes next are all the questions about how coronavirus affected the economy, jobs and the government response. This Digest looks at all articles that discuss coronavirus along with the looming “recession.” Definitive answers are hard, though these pieces tackle problems like how long the downturn will last, who will be hit hardest, and how we come out of it.

It Zoomed Right Into Our Lives – UPDATE #52

Editor: Christopher Brennan

One of the interesting things about Deepnews is that by focusing on quality articles, we are often able to see stories when they are getting a smaller amount of attention from specialty outlets before they hit widespread, mainstream coverage. Zoom has continued to zip into the headlines in a major way this week, raising the idea that questions of data privacy it has brought along with it might last beyond this current moment. Here is the batch gathered by the Deepnews Scoring Model to provide you even more coverage.

It Zoomed Right Into Our Lives #51

Editor: Christopher Brennan

For many of us the impact of coronavirus came suddenly, and it brought a new vocabulary of words like “the curve” or “Zoom-bombing.” This Digest focuses on Zoom, which news outlets have been digging deeper into this week, as well as other technologies that have impacted conversations around data privacy. The results, found with the Deepnews Scoring Model, are a set of articles that cover the new developments such as security flaws as well as the background (though not the popular beach or space-themed varieties) that got us here.

Nearing Coronavirus Capacity -UPDATE #50

This Digest focuses again on medical capacity, one of the most important aspects of the medical community’s race to save as many lives as possible. That includes not just thinking about now, but thinking about the months ahead, including the vaccines and systems needed as resources are stretched. From Central Park to central Africa, this selection of articles spotlights those trying to get everyone tested and treated.