Schoolhouse Rocked #67

Editor: Christopher Brennan
Graduation caps have been replaced for many by face masks. It is one more sign, if students didn’t know already, that this year is not normal. Around the world administrators are also looking to the summer not as a vacation but as a critical period for finding out what the “new normal” for education looks like, the subject of this Digest. These articles from New Hampshire to Namibia explore angles such as technology, visas, and the ever-important subject of inequality in schooling. Gathered with the Deepnews Scoring Model, we hope they help you learn something new.

Confronting Mental Health #66

Editor: Christopher Brennan
Mental Health Awareness Month is now coming to a close, though the issues that many of us face will continue into June and, as some of the articles this week mention, beyond whenever the pandemic ends. This Digest expands on last week’s edition by looking at mental health as well as psychology more broadly, with pieces that touch on addiction or vaccine hesitancy. Gathered using the Deepnews Scoring Model, they provide a snapshot from spots all over the globe about where we are mentally right now.

Confronting Mental Health #65

Editor: Christopher Brennan
It’s a subject that is not often talked about, and when it is, is often mentioned only in passing. However, the added pressure of the COVID pandemic means that many people are undergoing mental health challenges. This week in some countries marks Mental Health Awareness Week, the inspiration for this Digest. Gathered with the Deepnews Scoring Model, this selection of articles highlights some of the people who are researching what is happening, reporting the stories of those suffering, and exploring how to help.

Shock and Fraud – UPDATE #64

Editor: Christopher Brennan
The coronavirus crisis has placed many people in need of help, whether they need a mask, need benefits when they are out of work or need human connection through online dating. This week’s Wednesday Digest continues our look at articles on “scams” and “frauds,” which unfortunately often prey on those who are most vulnerable. Pulled together with the Deepnews Scoring Model, articles from Hong Kong to Capitol Hill show that scams can happen anywhere, though also show that we are all in this together.

Shock and Fraud #63

Editor: Christopher Brennan
Part of Deepnews’ mission is fighting back against the lack of trust online. Is the information you’re looking at misleading you? Is it doing it on purpose? It’s enough to make billions of people peering into their computers increasingly distrustful of the other people sitting in front of their screens. Our Matter of Facts newsletter covers misinformation every week, though this Digest looks more closely at the world of scams and fraud, online and off. We hope this selection pulled together with the Deepnews Scoring Model doesn’t make you cynical, but shows you that journalists are also on the case.

All Eyes on Asia – UPDATE #62

Some countries in Europe have begun reopening in earnest this week, though when looking East it becomes clear that the process of managing the wind down in restrictions will be a long one. This week’s Wednesday Digest picks up where last Friday’s left off and gathers a group of articles about how countries in East and Southeast Asia are coping with coronavirus, from worries about discos in South Korea to the role of Taiwan’s vice president/epidemiologist. All articles have been gathered with the help of the Deepnews Scoring Model, and we hope they help you feel informed.

All Eyes on Asia #61

When I learned that the “reinfections” found in South Korea had been false positives, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was like getting a note from the future that things were not going to get that much worse. Global news has never been more important than during coronavirus, and though the amount of foreign bureaus is on the decline, there are still intrepid reporters around the world and local papers digging deeper into stories with global impact. This list, found with the Deepnews Scoring Model, showcases some of them, focusing specifically on the countries of East and Southeast Asia.

Our New Environment – UPDATE #60

Editor: Christopher Brennan
One of the beauties of Deepnews is that by focusing on in-depth articles, we can get a better understanding not just of the world today, but pull in pieces whose analysis and reporting is forward-looking. Many of the articles this week tackle coronavirus and climate by looking at what the world will become after the pandemic is under control, from bike lanes in Paris to oil industry struggles to working from home. We hope that, with some help from the Deepnews Scoring Model, getting good info can help you make up your own mind about whether the future is bright.

Our New Environment #59

Editor: Christopher Brennan
Before coronavirus, the global, often invisible challenge that demanded the world’s attention was climate change. Now that another momentous problem has been added, the questions include how to lower carbon emissions while also restarting the world’s economy, and whether things can go back to the way they were before. This Digest comes at the request of our followers on Twitter, and explores issues ranging in size from the billions of dollars in government stimulus to the individual worries of “waste pickers.” All found with the Deepnews Scoring Model.