Visas and Borders #73

Editor: Christopher Brennan
Visas get you everywhere you want to be, though getting one is becoming much harder. This week’s Digest explores the broad subjects of visas and borders, which have been impacted by everything from the coronavirus isolating countries in Europe to the Trump administration’s decision to crack down on the H1-B visa program that brings many workers into the US. Here are some in-depth articles that dive into the details, all gathered with the Deepnews Scoring Model.

India-China Border Battle #72

After increasing tensions along the “Line of Actual Control” in the Himalayas, this week saw the deadliest clash between Indian and Chinese forces for decades. It came during a complex time, a global pandemic, and is by itself a complex story with questions of the region’s history, global geopolitics, and what has been happening in Kashmir in recent years. While many of our readers may be unfamiliar with the background, these pieces of analysis and reporting gathered with the Deepnews Scoring Model are a good place to start.

What Happens to Cities? #71

Editor: Christopher Brennan
One of the lingering questions during coronavirus has been what a rapidly spreading communicable disease means for cities, those churning metropolises dense in people, ideas and energy. As some of the hardest hit places such as New York begin to reopen, this Digest explores issues of transportation, tourism, housing and health that will shape what cities look like in the years and decades to come. Gathered from around the world with the Deepnews Scoring Model.

Looking at Latin America #70

Editor: Christopher Brennan
Since our last Digest on Latin America the continent has come into even sharper focus as a center of efforts to fight COVID. Articles this week cover major political headlines such as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro threatening to pull out of the WHO, but also smaller stories such as that of Mexico City’s Jewish community. They all offer something in-depth, all gathered with the Deepnews Scoring Model.

Looking at Latin America #69

Editor: Christopher Brennan
Though countries in Europe and states in the U.S. are pushing towards reopening, the coronavirus continues to spread and the WHO has said the new epicenter of the crisis is Latin America, the subject of this Digest. From buses in Brazil to movies in Mexico, the selection gathered with the Deepnews Scoring Model offers an in-depth look at the region.

In-Depth on Inequality #68

Editor: Christopher Brennan
In recent weeks this newsletter has delved into angles of how coronavirus is affecting us all, though the truth is that it is affecting different groups of people disproportionately, often based off of inequalities that existed far before anyone heard of COVID-19. With protests against racial injustice in the United States now a global topic, this Digest takes a look at inequality in its many forms.

While many other ways of getting news like to highlight the most shocking information possible to drive you to click, these articles highlighted by the Deepnews Scoring Model want to provide something different, something more in-depth. We hope they can be the basis for further conversation.