The Deepnews Articles That Told the Story of 2020 #99

Editor: Christopher Brennan
Happy holidays from Deepnews! As the year winds to a close, it also marks the first full calendar year that the Digest has been offering up in-depth articles found with our model .This week’s edition looks back at the year that was through the lens of the articles that appeared in our emails.

It was a year that was marked and will forever be marked by one gargantuan story, the coronavirus, though it was also a year full of stories that you may have missed. One aspect of our model thatI find constantly refreshing is its ability to pull in articles on more precise angles and pieces from smaller outlets that aren’t going to show up on the first page of a news aggregator or trend on Twitter., and for this Digest I selected some of those pieces. They are not the 25 best stories of the year, but to me they are 25 stories that tell the story of 2020.

If you would like to take a look back at all our Digests this year, head to the archives on our website.

Taking Up “Arms” Against COVID

Editor: Christopher Brennan
After months of waiting and approaching a full year of COVID spread, vaccines have finally been injected into arms in places such as the UK and US. The coming days may bring more good news, with potential approval in Europe and a second vaccine slated to get the green light in the States. With a flood of articles this week, we set the Deepnews Scoring Model to look for in-depth articles from the last couple days on all the angles. Here are the results.

Let’s Play Monopoly? #97

Editor: Christopher Brennan
In blockbuster lawsuits, U.S. authorities and many states are now suing Facebook under antitrust law, raising the idea that it could be broken up into separate businesses. The move comes after months of expectation and other anti-monopoly action against Silicon Valley giants such as Google, though the issue of antitrust affects areas far beyond tech. This week’s Digest explores all the angles from all over the world, all gathered with the Deepnews Scoring Model.

All Eyes on Iran #96

Following the killing of Qasem Soleimani in January, this last week saw the assassination of another Iranian official, nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Iran’s leaders have vowed revenge for an action that complicates an already tangled web of relations in the Middle East. There are angles involving Europe and the U.S. as well, which all showed up as we set the Deepnews Scoring Model to look for quality, in-depth articles about everything related to Iran.