When GameStop Didn’t Drop #104

Editor: Christopher Brennan
While a certain section of media outlets is always covering the stock market, this week one story, blending finance, technology, and society, exploded into the mainstream public consciousness. So-called “meme stocks” such as GameStop were spurred upwards by individual traders who used Reddit to take aim against the positions of major hedge funds. It’s the sort of story, with competing narratives of brave pranksters pushing back against the powerful vs. young whippersnappers who might get themselves hurt, that is ripe for a Digest. Below are articles on meme stocks, the trading platform Robinhood and more.

Where Does Joe Go From Here? #103

Editor: Christopher Brennan
Despite facing a pandemic, political violence, polarized information and economic precarity, the United States has officially transferred the presidency from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. While in the previous months much attention has focused on the man leaving office, the stage now belongs to the former senator from Delaware, who must confront all those challenges mentioned above. There was of course a flood of coverage of the inauguration from outlets around the world, though this week’s Digest, with the help of the Deepnews Scoring Model, covers some of the stories that you might have missed.

China and the World in 2021 #102

Editor: Christopher Brennan
Readers in North America and Europe may have been distracted by news closer to home, but last week the government of Hong Kong arrested dozens of pro-democracy politicians in the latest round of a crackdown with a national security law. The move drew condemnation around the world, putting renewed focus on other countries approaches to China, from a deal with Europe to tension with Australia to the arrival of a WHO team. This week our Digest pulls in articles from all over that touch on the subject of Hong Kong and relations with Beijing.

What Happened on Capitol Hill #101

The storming of the U.S. Capitol by rioters in Washington for a rally with President Trump has reverberated around the country and around the world. While many people on Wednesday experienced the events in the form of quick breaking news updates, they also call for deeper discussion about issues such as division, misinformation, policing, and more. This Digest gathered articles on many of those angles with the help of the Deepnews Scoring Model.

Placing Bets on 21 #100

Humans have been trying to predict the future since the Oracle of Delphi. As this last year proves, they have met with only occasional success, but that has not stopped them from trying. After last week’s Digest that looked back at 2020, this edition (the Digest’s 100th!) looks forward at what awaits us in the year we just entered, with articles that touch on predictions and prophesies for 2021. All gathered with the Deepnews Scoring Model.