Nearing Coronavirus Capacity #49

As the numbers of cases continue to rise, coronavirus has begun to stress the medical systems of countries around the world. This Digest focuses on the hospitals trying to manage resources and the doctors and nurses who are not sitting on their couches but attending to beds of those who need them. The result is a selection of deeply reported journalism, found with the Deepnews Scoring Model, on the struggle to save lives from the small towns to the big cities.

Lockdown Drives Coronavirus Home – UPDATE #48

Monday began what for many people was a second week of quarantine, with new additions to those affected in places like the UK, India and parts of the US. This Digest picks up from where the last edition left off and focuses on life under lockdown. From problems with connectivity to how to care for children, this selection of articles from around the world found with the Deepnews Scoring Model offers an expansive look at our days in confinement.