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Africa #4

  • Climate change and child marriage
  • Pandemic profiteering
  • Heroin and development
  • Mauritius oil spill
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Climate Change Is Undermining Kenya’s Efforts to End Child Marriage

In a small hut in the village of Bubisa, a young bride named Tunne sits alone on a makeshift pallet bed. Smoke from a smoldering indoor cook fire stings the eyes and obscures the air, and a single beam of sunlight streams in through a tiny hole in the wall that passes for a window. Tunne, who normally wears the loose, cotton dira dress customary for girls in this region, is today wrapped head to toe in traditional, azure-colored wedding fabric, still stiff from its newness. Her neck is adorned with red and yellow beads.

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First Draft News

Vaccine nationalism: How geopolitics is shaping responses to the pandemic

Geopolitical and nationalist narratives have been playing out in different communities, fomenting false information around treatments and cures for the coronavirus.

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Mail and Guardian

Pandemic profiteering: Activists sound the alarm over Big Pharma

As the global race to find a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine continues, concerns about pharmaceutical companies exploiting the pandemic to make profits are also rising. Activists and experts across the world fear that this industry, often referred to as “Big Pharma”, are already showing signs of prioritising revenue over equitable access to life-saving drugs.

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Daily Nation (Kenya)

The building of a mining career from humble start

A trip to Australia to train athletes in early 1990s started a process whose result is a man who has worked with major international mining firms before starting his businesses.

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Investors Shun Cheap Stocks in Nigeria as Risks Pile Up

Nigerian stocks are signaling better returns than less-risky local debt markets, where rates are at the lowest in a decade. Yet investors are shunning the opportunity, wary of a mix of domestic and external threats.

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The Guardian

Mozambique army surrounds port held by Isis-linked insurgents

Government troops are taking up positions outside a port in the far north of Mozambique which was captured by Islamist extremists last week in the latest escalation of the insurgency in the southern African country.

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ISS Today

Heroin is now a major urban development challenge in Africa

The African heroin boom is enabled by unplanned urbanisation, weak governance and widespread corruption.

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Punch NG

Deadly waters: How Lagos’ unlicensed boat captains endanger life and limb

Soft waves thudded against the side of his boat sailing towards the jetty at measured speed. Ashore, a teenager stood near the harbour ready to anchor the fibre ferry for Jacob Averesi and his six passengers to disembark. It was about 10am on the last Wednesday in July and his second trip between the CMS Jetty on Lagos Island and Liverpool in Apapa – the state’s maritime hub.

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London School of Economics

On Wellbeing in the COVID-19 Era: Are Cash Transfers Enough?

‘If the [cash transfer] programme stops, I have no reason to live anymore. I keep a bottle of poison on the top of my closet and I think of drinking it if things get worse’

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Naked Capitalism

Mauritius Oil Spill Tragedy: How and Why the MV Wakashio Ran Aground, and Aftermath | naked capitalism

Nagashiki Shipping’s Capesize bulk carrier Wakashio, which, loaded with oil, ran aground on a reef off Pointe Desny[1], southeast Mauritius, on July 25, 22 days ago, broke in two today.[2] Here’s before-and-after satellite imagery:

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