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  • Paul Rusesabagina
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Vanguard Nigeria

Nigeria: Oil Industry Wobbles Through 2020

By 2020, Nigeria had planned to increase oil reserves from about 37 billion to 40 billion barrels.

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Associated Press

US suspends some aid to Ethiopia over dam dispute with Egypt

JOHANNESBURG: On the guidance of President Donald Trump, the State Department said Wednesday the US is suspending some aid to Ethiopia over the “lack of progress” in the country’s talks with Egypt and Sudan over a massive, disputed dam project it is completing on the Nile River.

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Daily Maverick

OPINIONISTA: Who polices culture to prevent appropriation? Is prevention even necessary?

This month, South Africans will celebrate Heritage Day. It does not matter how it is spun, it is the day in which Zulus go to their Zulu family, Xhosas go to their Xhosa family, Jews go to their Jewish family, and well, us ideologically or religiously lost bandits find things to do with our time. With Heritage Day, we recognise that each person, or group of people, has a cultural identity, and must be given time to ‘go and celebrate their culture with their people’.

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New York Times

Do Safari Companies Really Want African Travelers?

During these lean times for tourism, travel companies are appealing to residents with special rates. But locals ask: Why didn’t you reach out before?

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Middle East Institute

Taiwan should implement the “Economic Miracle” model in Somaliland to win Africa’s goodwill

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has long held influence in Africa. Throughout the 1960s, the PRC supported anti-colonial movements then swiftly established diplomatic relations with newly independent African nations. These relations were predicated on a South-to-South solidarity that manifested itself in Chinese economic development aid for Africa as well as support for pan-Africanist initiatives and alliances. Over the same decade, the PRC was locked in a bitter dispute with the Republic of China (Taiwan) over which entity should be recognized in international affairs as “the central Chinese government.” The logic of the Cold War compelled countries to adopt the “One-China policy,” which meant recognizing the claims of only one of the two governments. International organizations followed this policy as well. The U.N. seated the Republic of China as a permanent member of the Security Council while excluding the PRC from all of its umbrella organizations, even though the Republic of China had been defeated and forced into exile during the Chinese Civil War. China’s representation to the U.N. changed in October 1971, when the U.N. General Assembly adopted Resolution 2758, which admitted the PRC and expelled the Republic of China. African nations, the majority of which were socialist and thus sympathetic to the PRC, provided the key votes toward the resolution’s passage.

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Human Rights Watch

Tanzania: Freedoms Threatened Ahead of Elections

(Nairobi) – Tanzania authorities have stepped up repression of opposition parties, nongovernmental organizations, and the media ahead of the country’s general elections on October 28, 2020, Human Rights Watch said today.

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Front Page Africa

Regulatory Authority Issues Caution as FM Radio Stations Risk Shutdown

Monrovia — The Liberia Telecommunications Authority, the regulatory and competition authority charged with the statutory responsibility to ensure a vibrant telecommunications sector in Liberia, is on the verge of implementing and enforcing a new regulation for FM stations which could affect the future of major radio stations operating in Liberia.

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The East African

Kagame Hints At Tricking ‘Hotel Rwanda’ Hero Into Flying to Kigali

President Paul Kagame has dismissed allegations that the Hotel Rwanda hero, Paul Rusesabagina, was kidnapped by his government and forced back to the country to face charges on terror, murder, and arson.

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Associated Press

Oil Companies Want Kenya To Loosen Strict Stance On Plastics

NAIROBI, Kenya: The oil industry has asked the United States to pressure Kenya to change its world-leading stance against the plastic waste that litters Africa, according to environmentalists who fear the continent will be used as a dumping ground.

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Politics Home

Africa has finally been declared free from wild polio, but the fight is not over

Covid-19 is disrupting routine vaccination programmes across the world. It is crucial to achieve high rates of immunisation if we’re to safeguard our future health

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