The revolutionary nature of Deepnews means it can help add value in many parts of the media landscape, from newsletters to publishers to advertising. Check out the examples below and let us know what you think.

You process large volumes of news

The API can fit into all sorts of systems for managing and processing the news, whether for attracting more advertising dollars to quality stories, in-depth media analysis or better filtering of content.

Some examples include:
Media monitoring services
News aggregation
Advertising platforms

You are a publisher

Many recommendation algorithms are based on how clickable something is. Our algorithm does something different and allows you to easily find articles that are worth reading. 

Some examples include:
Recommendation engines
Subscription accelerators & personalization
Editorial decision-making

You need quality news

Our editorial team can set-up news deliveries on a huge range of subjects and themes, from headline news through to niche topics in science, technology, sports, or the arts. 

Some examples include:
Quality news feeds
Bespoke newsletters
Topic Monitoring