Solutions for Advertising

Restoring the economic value of quality journalism

At Deepnews we have long held the belief that the current advertising model is broken. Programmatic advertising based on user data has resulted in a race to the bottom, with ads on excellent, in-depth pieces bringing in no more revenue than cheap clickbait content, since the reader is being valued instead of what they are reading. In addition GDPR, CCPA and the continued growth of ad blockers have started to impact advertising revenues.

We believe that quality content leads not just to higher engagement but to more meaningful engagement from readers, and some early studies we’ve carried out appear to back up this assertion. Our scoring algorithms can identify and quantify the quality of an article in a fraction of a second, and by working closely with publishers we can identify quality brandsafe content for high-value advertisers.

So if you are an SSP or ad network looking for a new way to value content then we’d like to speak with you about how we can build a sustainable advertising model and move towards the future of online publishing!


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