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A newsfeed focused on your sector(s) of choice adds value to your site and offers a compelling reason for repeat visits. has developed a CMS that employs the power of our news scoring algorithm to identify the best articles on any topics from across sources large and small. The articles are aggregated into feeds that can be delivered in batches, fed continuously into your own CMS or injected directly onto your site.

Some examples of projects we have worked on include: a conference website to update potential attendees on the topics covered at the event; providing a sector-specific news feed to a leading industrial service provider to integrate into their client pages; multiple feeds to a new site covering NGO activities that supplement their own in-house editorial output.

There is almost no limit to the variety and depth of news we can deliver. Feeds include headline, URL, source, content snippet and link to article meta image (if available), to provide a rich content stream for your site. Please contact us with your requirements.


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