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Deepnews can help identify what your visitors should read next

Whether you’ve built an in-house engine or are using a third party recommendation system it will be making recommendations based on user behaviour, article context or a combination of both. Set up correctly these systems can provide satisfactory results but overlook an essential variable – the quality of the article.

If readers prefer deeply researched, well-written articles then they are not going to be impressed if your site suggests they read fluff. The added value you bring is likely the reason they are coming to your site, and highlighting it to them will be a reason they stay.’s unique measurement of journalistic quality can aid your recommendation engine to better identify the best articles to recommend to readers, increasing click-thru rates and reader engagement. The scoring process takes less than a second and can be seamlessly integrated into your CMS or passed to a third party via our API. Please contact us to find out more.


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