Solutions for Topic Monitoring

Don’t miss important news in unlikely places

Do you need to keep track of a particular industry sector, market or group of companies but cannot justify the expense and complexity of a full-blown media monitoring service? Deepnews has the answer! Using the same platform that we built for our news feed and newsletter services we can set up a monitoring service for your requirements that will filter and rank news based on its quality.

This service is ideal if you need to research and keep track of the trends in a market without the quantitative analysis that dedicated media monitoring services provide. Our news monitoring partner tracks over 100,000 sources everyday. then indexes and scores articles for quality, which you can search to spot the trends and surface the best articles to read on the targeted topic. Ranking the results by quality means that you can get a comprehensive picture of what is going on more quickly.

Our experienced Editorial team is on hand to discuss your requirements and to help you set up queries to achieve the best results from the system. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements using the form below.


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