It Zoomed Right Into Our Lives #51

Editor: Christopher Brennan

For many of us the impact of coronavirus came suddenly, and it brought a new vocabulary of words like “the curve” or “Zoom-bombing.” This Digest focuses on Zoom, which news outlets have been digging deeper into this week, as well as other technologies that have impacted conversations around data privacy. The results, found with the Deepnews Scoring Model, are a set of articles that cover the new developments such as security flaws as well as the background (though not the popular beach or space-themed varieties) that got us here.

Nearing Coronavirus Capacity -UPDATE #50

This Digest focuses again on medical capacity, one of the most important aspects of the medical community’s race to save as many lives as possible. That includes not just thinking about now, but thinking about the months ahead, including the vaccines and systems needed as resources are stretched. From Central Park to central Africa, this selection of articles spotlights those trying to get everyone tested and treated.