It Zoomed Right Into Our Lives #51

Editor: Christopher Brennan

For many of us the impact of coronavirus came suddenly, and it brought a new vocabulary of words like “the curve” or “Zoom-bombing.” This Digest focuses on Zoom, which news outlets have been digging deeper into this week, as well as other technologies that have impacted conversations around data privacy. The results, found with the Deepnews Scoring Model, are a set of articles that cover the new developments such as security flaws as well as the background (though not the popular beach or space-themed varieties) that got us here.

Nearing Coronavirus Capacity -UPDATE #50

This Digest focuses again on medical capacity, one of the most important aspects of the medical community’s race to save as many lives as possible. That includes not just thinking about now, but thinking about the months ahead, including the vaccines and systems needed as resources are stretched. From Central Park to central Africa, this selection of articles spotlights those trying to get everyone tested and treated.

Nearing Coronavirus Capacity #49

As the numbers of cases continue to rise, coronavirus has begun to stress the medical systems of countries around the world. This Digest focuses on the hospitals trying to manage resources and the doctors and nurses who are not sitting on their couches but attending to beds of those who need them. The result is a selection of deeply reported journalism, found with the Deepnews Scoring Model, on the struggle to save lives from the small towns to the big cities.

Lockdown Drives Coronavirus Home – UPDATE #48

Monday began what for many people was a second week of quarantine, with new additions to those affected in places like the UK, India and parts of the US. This Digest picks up from where the last edition left off and focuses on life under lockdown. From problems with connectivity to how to care for children, this selection of articles from around the world found with the Deepnews Scoring Model offers an expansive look at our days in confinement.

Lockdown Drives Coronavirus Home #47

Previous Deepnews Digests on coronavirus have looked at the disruptions to life, as well as the economic impacts of the pandemic. This edition looks at something more personal, the fact that millions of workers have now turned their homes into their offices. As large parts of the world get used to a new normal for the coming weeks, articles from all over the globe explore what it means to live under lockdown.

Coronavirus Heads to the Markets – UPDATE #46

Last week’s Digest on coronavirus and the economy looked at different business sectors and parts of life where the disease was making itself felt. As events change rapidly day by day, Deepnews has decided to provide more regular updates about different angles of the crisis. This mid-week Digest again covers the economy, but focuses on the global and national responses as countries around the world prepare for months on lockdown.

Coronavirus Heads to the Markets #45

The public health crisis of coronavirus has spread not just across countries but to many aspects of life. From working from home to the Olympic Games, the world is now facing the challenge of responding individually and collectively to limit the damage. Last week’s edition looked at the effect of the infodemic, though this week’s Digest uses the power of Deepnews to sort through the mass of information out there and find quality articles about how coronavirus touches on the world of work and daily life.

News in the Time of Coronavirus #44

With the spread of COVID-19 the world is also facing what the World Health Organization has called an “infodemic.” This means not just blatant fake news and scams, but also the media twisting or mishandling raw information about the disease, sometimes without a bad intent. Deepnews wants to help. This Digest, powered by the Deepnews Scoring Model and based off of our most popular weekly Distill, Matter of Facts, covers fact-checking and all things coronavirus misinformation.

It’s Not Going To Be Your Average Tuesday #43

The last time Deepnews dipped into the Democratic primary, we were waiting for the first results from Iowa. Four weeks later the race is still in flux, with a clear front-runner in Bernie Sanders and a cast of others hoping South Carolina and the 14 Super Tuesday states give them the jolt to surpass him. This Digest, focused on reporting from the campaign trail rather than Washington, pulled in pieces from the biggest prizes, California and Texas, as well as contests in smaller states such as Alabama and Utah.

Fighting Far-Right Extremism #42

The killing of nine people at shisha bars in Hanau, Germany, highlights what Angela Merkel called the”poison” of racism in society. Alarms have been raised by groups across the world in recent years as they worry about many different forms of far-right violence and extremism, the broad subject of this week’s digest. Articles from the last two weeks found by the Deepnews Scoring Model use in-depth reporting and analysis to cover a wide range of angles on politics, misinformation and the fears of those targeted.