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Cities #10

  • Pedestrians vs drivers
  • Return of Delhi metro
  • Ghost towns in Ireland?
  • Inclusive playgrounds in Taiwan
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City Observatory

Op-Ed: Why Most Pedestrian Infrastructure Is Really for Drivers

One of the biggest lies in transportation planning is calling something “multi-modal.” When somebody tells you a project is “multi-modal,” you can safely bet that its really for cars and trucks with some decorative frills appended for bikes and pedestrians. A four- or six-lane arterial, posted for 45 miles per hour, and with crossings every half mile or more isn’t pedestrian friendly no matter how wide the sidewalks are on either side of the road.

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Independent (Ireland)

‘An eerie ghost town’: will home working starve our city centres?

There are lights on in the vast gleaming Google complex that straddles Barrow Street, but almost everybody seems to be at home, bar a few security guards at the entrance.

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New York Times

Florida Attracts More Northerners

Since the beginning of the pandemic, home sales in parts of the Sunshine State have more than doubled.

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Financial Express

Freeing land-locked India: Can surplus lands’ economic value be captured to finance infra investment?

A centralised land development agency can maximise revenue from public land, channelise it as equity contributions to PPPs, re-settle slum dwellers, and support communities

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Taipei Times

Designing inclusive playgrounds

With the rise of civil awareness, public space utilization has gradually gained people’s attention, especially the user experience aspect. Among the most discussed spaces are park facilities, due to their common installment.

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After nearly 6-month hiatus, Delhi Metro resumes today with social distancing

After being closed for over five months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Delhi Metro is all set to resume services from today. Metro operations will resume in a phased manner, and the first line to be opened in the system is the Yellow line, connecting Samaypur Badli and Huda City Centre in Gurugram. Over a period of next five days i.e, by 12th September, rest of the Lines will also be made operational with all safety measures in place to check the spread of Covid-19 in the Metro premises which requires everyone to follow a new normal of social distancing, face mask and hand sanitisation. But today and tomorrow, only the Yellow line (49 KM with 37 stations consisting of 20 underground and 17 elevated stations). Trains will operate in two shifts, between 7am and 1am, and between 4pm and 8pm.

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Census experts worry ‘rushed’ census will hurt Black, Latino communities

With counting efforts set to end a month early, community organizers and others worry the census will undercount rural residents and minorities, including on Milwaukee’s north and south sides.

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The Atlantic

Generation Work-From-Home May Never Recover

The social and economic costs borne by young people without offices

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Al Jazeera

Pakistan’s sprawling Karachi ‘broken’ by monsoon floods

Karachi/Islamabad, Pakistan – For Shahzad Ahmed, there was no time to think.

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Stuff NZ

Close to Home: Four Nelson candidates outline what they would do about the housing crisis if elected

Stuff has been running a series of articles about the dire situation facing many renters and buyers seeking suitable homes in the Nelson-Tasman region.

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