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Cities #4

  • Density in Dublin
  • Suburbs’ Second Chance
  • Climate and affordable housing
  • Millennials and property
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The death of the city

Some 700 years ago, the Tuscan town of Siena was a burgeoning banking and proto-industrial powerhouse with over 50,000 inhabitants — a population surpassed only by medieval “mega-cities” like Paris, London and Milan.

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Irish Times

We are about to build the wrong homes in the wrong places at the wrong price

Dublin city could work well with proposed densities similar to Copenhagen (170-200 homes per hectare)

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Editor’s Note:

Housing stock has become a major issue for the future of cities in Ireland, though there is debate about how exactly to fix the problem. Here Robin Mandal discusses density.


Trump’s New Fair Housing Rule Prioritizes Toxic Culture War Politics Over Deregulation

The president has ditched a promising, free market-influenced revamp of Obama-era fair housing regulations in favor of a legally dubious new rule that’s heavy on local control.

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The Pandemic and the Suburbs’ Second Chance

They’ve been trying for a long time to attract city dwellers by installing amenities that urbanites crave. COVID-19 fears are providing them with a new opportunity to get it right.

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Daily Pioneer

A flood of urban woes during the rains

Traffic snarls, waterlogging and the loss of lives show that a manageable issue has been allowed to deteriorate

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Editor’s Note:

On top of the issues presented by the pandemic, many cities are now facing a cocktail of those woes with previous problems. Here Kota Sririaj writes about infrastructure and flooding in India.

E&E News

Climate policy a ‘tricky bind’ for affordable housing

Efforts to green buildings and encourage public transit could unintentionally price out low-income residents

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U.S home sales post record increase; supply squeeze a constraint

WASHINGTON – U.S. home sales increased by the most on record in June, boosted by historically low mortgage rates, but the outlook for the housing market is being clouded by low inventory and high unemployment amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 impact: Millennials now considering property ownership seriously

The younger generation that earlier had a no-strings-attached approach towards buying property is now rethinking its strategy, with nearly 40% saying they would want to invest in property that is rightly priced

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Post and Courier (South Carolina)

To appeal an eviction in SC, tenants are required to pay thousands of dollars first

South Carolina renters who face removal from their homes are routinely denied the chance to have their case heard by a higher court for a simple reason: To fight an eviction, they have to come armed with cash.

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Editor’s Note:

The end of some government programs has many worried about paying rent and potential eviction. Here the Post and Courier covers the situation locally and what happens when tenants and landlords are at odds.

Indian Express

Pandemic and the city

Covid crisis underlines false urban-rural binary, neglect of urban areas

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