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Cities #7

  • Mortality rate in Mumbai
  • The fate of college towns
  • Cities & bumblebees size?
  • Density and public health
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Article 14

Coronavirus: All the reasons why Mumbai’s mortality rate remains worryingly high

While the public hospitals were overwhelmed, private heathcare systems were shut out of the coronavirus fight.

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AZ Central

Here’s why some cattle graze next to urban development in the Valley

And in Glendale, some of Paul Rovey’s dairy cattle are within eyeshot of nearby homes and the traffic whizzing by on nearby Northern and 75th avenues. The city’s sports and entertainment district is just a few miles away.

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The Conversation

When houses earn more than jobs: how we lost control of Australian house prices and how to get it back

Real home prices across Australia have climbed 150% since 2000, while real wages have climbed by less than a third.

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NY’s college towns brace for COVID blow with fewer students on campus

Colleges are about to start the fall semester in the midst of a global pandemic, bringing a whole new set of economic and safety uncertainties to the communities where they are anchor tenants.

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D Magazine

Urban Density and Public Health

Data shows that equity is a more consistent predictor of infections than density. Here’s why that matters.

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Councilmember Opposes Massive Sunset Park Rezoning In His District — And Finds Himself Outnumbered

Several weeks after a Brooklyn city councilman announced he would oppose a massive rezoning on the Sunset Park waterfront within his district, developers are hoping to mobilize dissident lawmakers in an effort to revive the far-reaching plan.

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Associated Press

Virus exposes economic, racial divide in French health care

Festering beneath Frances promise of guaranteed health care for all lie deep disparities across economic and racial lines differences laid painfully bare by the COVID19 crisis.

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The Verge

College towns brace for a new wave of COVID-19

Sierra Imwalle, a real estate agent in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. When she shows houses to clients, she takes precautions: masks, distance, hand sanitizer. She’s avoiding the denser, usually crowded downtown area and steering clear of restaurants.

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Streets Blog

STUDY: COVID-19 Might Finally Get City Planners Out of Their Cars

A surprising number of workers in government and the built environment professions want to to try an active commute once they return to the office post-pandemic, a new study finds — a change in habits that might reduce the widespread windshield bias that has subtly shaped city decision making for generations.

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Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Does city life make bumblebees larger?

Does urbanization drive bumblebee evolution? A new study by Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig provides an initial indication of this. According to the study, bumblebees are larger in cities and, therefore, more productive than their rural counterparts. In Evolutionary Applications, the research team reports that differences in body size may be caused by the increasingly fragmented habitats in cities.

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