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Cities #9

  • Green space and sprawl
  • ‘Bank of mum and dad’
  • Commuter traffic back
  • Leaving SF
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Policy Forum

Bringing life to urban sprawl

Intelligent ways to use green areas, such as parks, pathways, and empty lots are the key to urban renewal, and one city in Mexico is sowing the seeds of progress in the space, Jorge Javier and Cecilia Tortajada write.

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MIT Technology Review

How to avoid the coming air conditioning crunch

Soaring demand for AC in an increasingly hot world threatens our power grids and promises to make climate change far worse.

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The Guardian

More UK homebuyers turn to ‘bank of mum and dad’ as Covid crisis bites

Family and friends will support nearly one in four purchases in 2020, against one in five last year

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The Globe and Mail ($)

Small-town B.C. sees a rental boom as people migrate from urban centres

People are relocating to small-town B.C. from the Lower Mainland, as well as Alberta, the Prairie provinces, Ontario and Quebec. In the Okanagan this summer, anybody in real estate will tell you how the market has been climbing, with buyers snapping up desirable properties in towns such as Vernon, Peachland, Penticton, Naramata and Summerland. Vancouver Island has seen a robust housing market, too. The year-over-year benchmark home price in B.C. grew 12.5 per cent compared with the previous July, at $768,061, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association.

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NJ Advance Media

After a coronavirus-fueled crash, commuter traffic is coming back

As employers slowly reopen offices and employees, who were working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, trickle back to workplaces, traffic is starting to bounce back.

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American Banker

Postal banking is a solution, but to which problem?

With the USPS emerging as an election-year flashpoint, postal banking is an idea that could gain steam. But a number of proposals are out there, and they have wildly varying implications for financial inclusion.

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Financial Times ($)

Leaving San Francisco: will Covid-19 spark an exodus?

Christine Curtin and her boyfriend Cooper Lees had already been looking for a Bay Area escape plan when the pandemic hit, forcing both of them to stay home in a cramped 700 square foot apartment most of the day.

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Pasadena Star-News

Tornek: State’s affordable housing requirements create ‘a cage fight’

Under soon-to-be-released benchmarks from the state, Pasadena will likely be asked to build more than 9,400 affordable housing units over the next eight years.

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Wall Street Journal ($)

Opinion | New Yorkers Like the NYPD

There’s an emerging political consensus that elected Democrats’ high tolerance for urban lawlessness won’t play in the suburbs. But it’s not playing so well among urbanites, either. A new poll of New Yorkers finds that just like everywhere else, public safety is a priority.

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Wales Online

Welsh village defying narrative about lockdown wrecking businesses

It’s undeniably been a chastening few months for businesses big and small. But in the village of Magor three brand new businesses have all opened and are flourishing

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