Deepnews on Coronavirus

At Deepnews we want to help use our technology as much as possible to get people quality information in a time when fear of the coronavirus pandemic has sparked what the World Health Organization has called an “infodemic.”

Deepnews offers free weekly Digests, which for the time being will be on the coronavirus and its consequences. They are delivered every Friday, with some updates inbetween. Enter your email to sign up below.

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Our weekly Distills also provide excellent coverage on more specific subjects, like scientific research in Future of Medicine, economic impacts in Gig Economy or misinformation in Matter of Facts

In order to get reliable news to as many people as possible, Deepnews is lowering the price of our weekly Distill newsletters, which now start at less than US$5 or €5 per month.

Enter the code “betternews” at the Checkout page of the subscription process to receive 50% off of your monthly subscription for 6 months.

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