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Published each Friday, the Digest uses the Deepnews Scoring Model technology to sort through the mess of articles on the Internet about a topic that is currently trending in the news, the big stories where everyone has an opinion.

Check out the top 25 each week to see the pieces that go beyond the fluff of attention-grabbing headlines, and discover journalists doing real reporting on the ground.

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Digest Archives

17/01/2020 – Kremlin Carousel Takes a Turn

10/01/2020 – On The Brink of War

03/01/2020 – Australia On Fire

27/12/2019 – Boeing, Boeing, Gone

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13/12/2019 – Taking Heat on Climate Change

12/12/2019 – Red or Blue Christmas: UK Election Digest

06/12/2019 – NATO’s Brawling Birthday Bash

29/11/2019 – The Real Deal on Black Friday

22/11/2019 – Over the Moon

15/11/2019 – Don’t cross the streams