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East Asia #3

  • Japan and ASEAN
  • China with NZ tech
  • Uyghur model disappearance
  • Going digital in Hong Kong
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The Hindu

Isolating China, as proposition and the reality

Countries like India must note that despite its belligerence, China is far from being quarantined given its economic clout

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Asia Times

Japan Inc seeks to rekindle ASEAN love affair

TOKYO – Of all the things Asian leaders anticipated for 2020, Vietnam envy probably wasn’t among them.

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Associated Press

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested, newsroom searched

Hong Kong authorities arrested media tycoon Jimmy Lai on Monday, broadening their enforcement of a new national security law and stoking fears of a crackdown on the semi-autonomous region’s free press. Police were seen carting away boxes of what they said was evidence at Lai’s pro-democracy Next Digital headquarters.

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Stuff NZ

Is China using NZ technology to modernise its military for inevitable war?

New Zealand is better-known for its rugby and agricultural exports than exports of components, equipment and software for possible military end-use.

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South China Morning Post

Why mainland’s help in Covid-19 battle leaves some Hongkongers fearful

Team dispatched from mainland will help with universal coronavirus testing and the design and development of at least two makeshift hospitals

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Radio Free Asia

Uyghur Model ‘Disappears’ After Risking Punishment With Video of His Detention

A young Uyghur man who risked severe punishment to take a video of himself in detention in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and his aunt, who sent the video out of the country, have both “disappeared,” according to the man’s uncle.

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How the World Enables China’s Legal Gamesmanship

Writing on Lawfare in May, I described how a large bloc of countries might collectively protect the rules-based order at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS). More specifically, I suggested that the official delegates of the 160-plus national governments who will convene later in 2020 for the 30th meeting of state parties to the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) could vote against China’s nominee for an ITLOS judgeship—who, if elected, would serve for the next nine years.

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Cover Story: TikTok’s Ticking Clock in Trump Faceoff

Whether TikTok is sold or banned, more pressing issues remain, policy experts say.

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Project Syndicate

Why Asia and Europe Are Responding to the Same Crisis Differently | by Ho Ee Khor & Rolf Strauch – Project Syndicate

SINGAPORE/LUXEMBOURG CITY – COVID-19 has claimed more than 700,000 lives, infected over 19 million people, and decimated rich and poor economies alike. But, even as most of the world faces unprecedented recession, policy responses differ sharply. The contrast between Europe and Asia is a case in point.

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South China Morning Post

Restaurant, retail, and hotel sectors take to the digital path amid tourism slump

Anxiety sets in for thousands made jobless, or told to stay home on reduced pay or no pay

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