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East Asia #4

  • Hong Kongers in Japan

  • Missile proposal

  • China hiring chip engineers

  • Quarantine diary
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Russian arms sales in Southeast Asia: What does it mean for the region?

Russia’s status as a major arms supplier in Southeast Asia will have a significant impact on the region’s geopolitical landscape.

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The Nation

Who Gets to Tell the Story of Wuhan’s Lockdown?

The quarantine diary emerged in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic as the genre de rigueur in response to the crisis and trauma, both personal and global, brought on by the coronavirus. As a literary form, the diary is perfect for capturing the immediacy of emotional experiences and ongoing uncertainties. It is kind to fragments and negative space and does not require perfection. The public diary shares many strengths with the traditional private diary but has a social aspect closer to blogging and letter writing; it seeks connection with others who are (or have become) physically distant. Thus, as the coronavirus pushed us further and further away from any sense of normalcy or a predictable future, diary writing—both public and private—became one way for people to hold on to small certainties.

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Japan Times

Long arm of China’s security law alarms Hong Kongers in Japan

For Hong Kongers living outside of China, the global implications of Beijing’s national security law are beginning to take shape.

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Asia Times

HK airport resumes transit services for mainlanders

US health chief and Chinese officials trade verbal blows over transparency and failure to contain the virus

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New York Times

Japan’s Been Proudly Pacifist for 75 Years. A Missile Proposal Challenges That

This month, Shinzo Abe’s political party began publicly considering whether the country should acquire weapons capable of striking missile launch sites in enemy territory if an attack appeared imminent.

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Nikkei Asian Review

China hires over 100 TSMC engineers in push for chip leadership

TAIPEI — Two Chinese government-backed chip projects have together hired more than 100 veteran engineers and managers from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the world’s leading chipmaker, since last year, multiple sources have told the Nikkei Asian Review.

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The Telegraph (UK) ($)

The future of China: no longer ‘playing nice’ with the rest of the world

The coronavirus pandemic has acted as catalyst for growing antagonism between China and the West

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Institutional Investor

The Crucifixion of Ben Meng

On Sunday, August 2, financial blogger Susan Webber — pen name Yves Smith — pressed “publish” on the post that would ultimately topple the chief investment officer of the largest public pension plan in the United States.

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Arturo Di Corinto (Medium)

ProtonMail joins to protect the privacy of Hong Kong citizens

Hacker’s Dictionary. The popular encrypted email app funds two democratic organizations to ensure the confidentiality of citizens of the former British protectorate after the approval of the Chinese National Security Law

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The Diplomat

ASEAN’s Challenges and the Way Forward

As the grouping turns 53, it faces old and new challenges, both internal and external.

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Lawfare Blog

Water Wars: Lines in the Great Wall of Sand

On July 13, the United States hardened its position against the People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the South China Sea. A statement from U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that “Beijing’s claims to offshore resources across most of the South China Sea” and “its campaign of bullying” are “completely unlawful.”

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