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Economic Recovery #10

  • Confusion on evictions
  • Saving for retirement
  • Ho, Ho, Hum Christmas?
  • Making Michigan great?
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Howard Center for Investigative Journalism

Confusion over eviction ban led to selective enforcement

TAMPA, Fla. — Yochebed Israel was the kind of person Congress had in mind when it voted in March to impose a temporary moratorium on many evictions as the coronavirus spread.

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The Appeal

Economic Insecurity Brought On By COVID-19 Threatens To Disenfranchise Millions Of Voters

Housing insecurity may lead to a drop in voter participation in the 2020 election, experts say, as the pandemic-sparked economic crisis continues to upend life around the country.

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Saving for Retirement Is Never Easy. The Covid Pandemic Has Made It Even Harder.

Ed Daizovi, a 57-year-old career diplomat, entered the retirement homestretch earlier this year: He had just moved back from Africa and was setting up a new home in Miami where he planned to retire next year with his wife of 29 years, after investing diligently to fund a comfortable retirement.

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Wall Street Journal ($)

How’s the Coronavirus Economy? Great or Awful, Depending on Whom You Ask

The coronavirus recession has been financially devastating for many Americans. It has been a boon for others.

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Conservative Home

Howard Flight: From rising demand for out of town housing, to increases in savings, the Covid trends to look out for.

I expect the UK to emerge from this Covid-related economic and health shakeup with permanent major changes of behaviour. These should in turn impact on the values and relative prices of goods and services.

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For Leisure and Hospitality, Weak Recovery Still Looks Like Recession

A sushi chef waits for diners as Miami-Dade county allows indoor servicing in restaurants after easing some lockdown measures in Miami, Florida, August 31, 2020

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Post and Courier (South Carolina)

Wealth gap: Examining the root causes of poverty among African Americans

Zita Campbell just bought a house. It wasn’t easy. It took two years.

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Detroit Free Press

Donald Trump failed to remake Michigan economy as promised in 2016

President Donald Trump ran for election in 2016 on a promise to restore and protect manufacturing jobs across the U.S. and nowhere did he make that guarantee more fervently than in Michigan, where he said he’d take bold action if necessary to remake the state’s predominant auto industry.

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The Hill

The economic solutions for this coronavirus crisis are available

Extreme partisanship is literally killing Americans and our economy. More than 187,000 Americans are dead, more than 31 million people are unemployed, almost 30 million Americans report not having enough food to eat the previous week, and 27 percent of adults in the U.S. missed their rent or mortgage payment for July.

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New York Times

Ho, Ho, Hum: Struggling Retailers Brace for a Muted Holiday Season

September may seem early to be thinking about the holiday shopping season, but retailers are already acknowledging that it will be transformed in fundamental ways.

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