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Economic Recovery #4

  • Homelessness in Ozarks
  • Child care crisis
  • Election promises in Sri Lanka
  • Tsunami of redundancies?
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SBS (Australia)

JobSeeker changed this mum’s life. Could a basic income for all ever be a reality?

For many Australians, the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic hit home when pictures of long lines of newly-unemployed people waiting to access Centrelink flashed onto the nation’s television screens.

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Springfield News-Leader (Missouri)

Branson tries to find affordable housing for the homeless

It was a windy day in early June, and Cecelia Dardnella McGrath had spent much of the morning crying. She woke that day to police ordering her to pack up her belongings and leave the wooded area where she’d camped for more than three months. It was private property, and the owner wanted her gone.

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Editor’s Note:

The pain of the pandemic on issues like housing is being felt across many parts of the world, though some places were dealing with separate problems beforehand that are now complicating matters. Here the Springfield News-Leader in the Missouri Ozarks looks at the entertainment destination of Branson and the role of changes at extended stay motels in homelessness.

The Telegraph (UK) ($)

The tsunami of redundancies may not work out quite as bad as feared

There are indicators that the jobs crisis may not plunge to the depths forecast

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American Prospect

‘Find Something New’

The perennial and bogus claims of a skills gap are the Trump administration’s latest alibi for high unemployment.

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How the Child Care Crisis Will Distort the Economy for a Generation

When the economist Betsey Stevenson looks at the pandemic-era economic crisis, she sees a long-simmering child care crisis that has suddenly surged to the foreground of people’s lives — and whose true scope we’ve barely begun to reckon with. Its potential to inflict lasting damage to the economy is enormous, and it’s getting short shrift in the recovery plans coming out of Washington.

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Editor’s Note:

Childcare is an often neglected cog of the economy that allows parents to go to work and be productive. Here Zack Stanton speaks with economist Betsey Stevenson on the issue and worries about the future.

Associated Press

Virus means Mexican emigrants send fewer dollars to hometown

But now, Figueroa had COVID-19. There was no work, and there was no money to send home.

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Is the U.S. Stuck with a Fixed Add-On for Unemployment?

In the CARES Act, Congress increased unemployment insurance benefits by $600 a week through the end of July. As those extra benefits approach expiration, lawmakers—and many Americans—are at odds about what should happen next.

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Business Insider

Sweden’s renegade COVID-19 policy looks like a disaster — but the country is quietly determined to see it through despite the cost in lives

As a result, some experts say judgement over whether the strategy was right must wait. But Sweden is now left with a high death toll and worries about future outbreaks.

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Editor’s Note:

Sweden has been a case study in a different way to handle the pandemic. Here this article looks at the medical response but also what it means for the Scandinavian country’s economy.


South Korea GDP to Show Recession Despite Avoiding Lockdown

South Korea slipped into a recession in the second quarter, official data are expected to show Thursday, after its no-lockdown strategy and stimulus failed to offset a slump in exports.

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Sunday Times (Sri Lanka)

Election promises and economic reality

The extravagant election promises of many parties are inconsistent with the inadequate resources that are available. They do not reflect a recognition of the severity of economic problems facing the country nor the parlous state of finances. Election promises are an “auction of non-existent resources.” Resolving the severe economic problems facing the Government is a colossal challenge.

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OC Register

No work, no rent: Tenants grapple with mounting debt, shrinking benefits

Alicia Kneifl had just started a new life in a new city with a new job.

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