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Economic Recovery #7

  • Tipped worker struggles
  • Florida’s deficit
  • Wave of evictions
  • The Sun Belt stalls
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The Conversation

COVID-19 is hitting tipped workers hard

Even prior to COVID-19, tipped workers suffered from the inadequacies of the United States’ social safety net and minimum wage standards.

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People say they still can’t get ahold of Texas unemployment agency 5 months into pandemic

AUSTIN – When we rolled into the Carver Library parking lot on Aug. 5 to interview Ashley Green, she’d just celebrated the four-month anniversary of filing her unemployment claim. The five-month anniversary of that filing is coming quickly.

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Tampa Bay Times

Florida’s deficit grows to $5,400,000,000 over next two years thanks to pandemic

TALLAHASSEE — Wearing masks and keeping their distance, Florida’s top economists met Friday to prepare the state’s first post-pandemic revenue estimate, and the conclusion was breathtaking: Florida faces a $5.4 billion budget deficit over the next two years.

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The Hill

Top Fed official says quick reopenings damaged recovery from coronavirus

A top Federal Reserve official said Wednesday that the inability of the U.S. to control the coronavirus pandemic limited the benefit of trillions in fiscal stimulus approved by President Trump and Congress earlier this year.

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The Independent (UK)

Ministers have just seven days to prevent a ‘wave of evictions’, MPs and charities warn

MPs and charities have issued an urgent plea for the government to extend the ban on evictions amid fears tens of thousands of renters could be kicked out of their homes after the moratorium expires in just seven days’ time.

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The Drum

Practical advice for marketers in the face of a global recession

Thanks to the shockwaves of Covid-19, most global markets are in, or hurtling towards, an economic recession. In the face of one of the most trying financial eras for brands and agencies alike, The Drum turns to some analysts and experts to assess the practical steps they can take in a downturn – whether they’re based in Singapore, Seattle or Southbank.

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York Daily Record

Economic crisis in wake of virus has Pa. in a state of uncertainty

Editor’s Note: COVID-19 killed tens of thousands in the Northeast, caused massive unemployment and wrecked the economy. In an ongoing series of stories, the USA TODAY Network Atlantic Group, 37 news sites including those in western Pennsylvania, examines what the government got wrong in its response to the virus, what policies eventually worked — and why we remain vulnerable if the coronavirus strikes harder in the fall.

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Las Vegas Review Journal

Las Vegas facing a potential crisis with evictions

Five months after getting furloughed because of the coronavirus pandemic, Bradford Cook Jr. is running out of options.

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New York Times

New York City Could Use a Champion. Who Will Step Up?

New York seems to be missing the kind of civic leadership that helped the city recover from previous financial and psychic crises.

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Brookings Institution

The Sun Belt’s COVID-19 surge stalls economic recovery in the region

Summer has not stopped COVID-19’s spread across the country, especially into states that had avoided the pandemic’s early impacts. As the virus and efforts to slow its spread batter more and more metropolitan economies, the timeline for widespread economic recovery grows increasingly uncertain. The latest data in our Metro Recovery Index illustrates that uncertainty in the nation’s Sun Belt, where a surge in COVID-19 cases has stalled the region’s fragile recovery.

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