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Economic Recovery #8

  • Extension in Canada
  • Child allowance?
  • The mortgage crisis
  • Three cities that are thriving
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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee outdoor restaurant dining will adapt with winter coming

Nomad World Pub has used its outdoor patio and street dining space while keeping its indoor space closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Data Driven Investor (Medium)

If You’re Unemployed, Trump and the GOP Just Aren’t That Into You

The current stimulus negotiations epitomize the GOP worldview

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Ottawa unveils CERB extension, transition to EI and new benefits in the fall

Ottawa has unveiled details on how Canadians out of work can expect to access the employment insurance program come the start of fall.

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The National

How SMEs in the UAE are staying afloat during Covid-19

Open communication with customers to see how they are coping and be flexible about extending terms, etc

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The coronavirus crisis has set Israel’s economy back four years

The steep rise in COVID-19 infections in the past few weeks has put the idea of imposing another lockdown back on the government’s agenda – to lower the number of those diagnosed with the coronavirus back to only a few hundred per day – but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is still hesitating.

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New York Times

The Coronavirus Generation

Three decades ago, a team of researchers at Duke University set off to follow a group of schoolchildren in a stretch of rural North Carolina that happened to include a small reservation. Soon after, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians opened a casino and began sharing the profits, about $4,000 per adult each year, with every household in the tribe — essentially creating a local version of guaranteed income.

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National Interest

The Danger of America Ignoring External Economic Risks

U.S. policymakers should be paying more attention to troubling economic developments abroad. This might induce them to have the U.S. resume its traditional role of international leadership in world economic crisis resolution.

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The Conversation

When houses earn more than jobs: how we lost control of Australian house prices and how to get it back

Real home prices across Australia have climbed 150% since 2000, while real wages have climbed by less than a third.

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The Tennessean

COVID-19 mortgage crisis will deepen without prompt action to stop it

Recovering from the mortgage foreclosure crisis of 2010-2015, federal mortgage agencies realize the worldwide pandemic is driving another hard-hitting crisis.

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Three Small Cities That Are Thriving Despite the Pandemic

Greg Strahan made a tough call. He’s the president and CEO of Owensboro Health, a hospital and medical group in western Kentucky that saw its revenues plunge by 65 percent in April and May. Despite the hard economic hit, Strahan decided not to lay off any of his 4,300 employees.

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