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Education #10

  • Virus surge hurts France
  • Need for distance learning
  • Anti-racism training
  • The education gap
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Associated Press

French virus surge threatens nationwide back-to-school plan

Not all French classrooms can safely reopen Tuesday, the country’s education minister acknowledged Sunday, as a persistent rise in coronavirus infections jeopardizes the government’s push to get France’s 12.9 million schoolchildren back into class this week.

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Portland Press Herald

Maine Voices: We’ve written off remote learning because we use the wrong technology

We need appropriate distance education modalities, not as fallback approaches, but rather as an effective and desirable alternative, or a supplement to classroom-based instruction.

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Kaiser Health News

For Kids With Special Needs, Online Schooling Divides Haves and Have-Nots

ALHAMBRA – It’s Tuesday morning, and teacher Tamya Daly has her online class playing an alphabet game. The students are writing quickly and intently, with occasional whoops of excitement, on the little whiteboards she dropped off at their homes the day before along with coloring books, markers, Silly Putty and other learning props — all of which she created or paid for with her own money.

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USA Today

COVID-19 has widened America’s education gap; here’s how to fix it

As we embark on the first full year of schooling during this global pandemic, one thing is clear: America’s K-12 education system is in crisis.

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Daily Signal

Problematic Women: Back to School, Sort of, and the Future of Education

The coronavirus pandemic might permanently affect American education. Lindsey Burke, director for the Center for Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation, says “the pandemic has just completely upended education.” But some of the changes might actually be a good thing.

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The Telegraph (UK) ($)

Are face masks compulsory when schools reopen?

Everything you need to know about how schools will reopen in the time of coronavirus.

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Elite U.S. Schools Face a Rude Awakening With Asian Students Staying Away

Young people from around Asia explain why American education is losing its edge.

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Channel News Asia

Commentary: Teachers now have new jobs. Schools will never be normal again after COVID-19

SINGAPORE: The COVID-19 crisis has swept through the entire world for most of 2020, creating an unparalleled wave of uncertainty and gloom.

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Australian Financial Review ($)

Classrooms are the key to recovery

This could be done, the submission argues, by lifting the 20 per cent cap on Commonwealth contributions to public school funding, restoring the billions the government has cut from TAFE over recent years, and committing to fund access to early childhood education and care (ECEC) for three and four-year-old children nationwide.

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NEP 2020: Why there is need for change in medical education

With the proliferation of medical specialities, the degrees of MBBS is outdated.

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Scientific American

Medical Education Needs Rethining

Under the lingering influence of the 110-year old Flexner Report, medical schools still minimize social and environmental factors in the understanding and treatment of disease.

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National Interest

How to Protect Academic Freedom from a Manufactured ‘Free-Speech

Academic freedom has been very hard won. Such freedoms are important because they are how we know we can trust scholars to tell the truth about the discoveries they make, even when that means society, politics or the economy may need to change as a result.

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Telangana Today

Private universities and education

Article 51-A indicates that education eradicates illiteracy and provides a means to economic empowerment and opportunity to life of culture. Higher education is advised to be pursued keeping in mind specific aim and national requirements; otherwise aimless enrollment and over-qualifications will cost the exchequer heavily.

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Watered-Down “Anti-Racism Training” in Schools Is Perpetuating Racism

High school students have been in the streets all summer, and they’re not backing down. Black Lives Matter protests have gone on for weeks. They’ve popped up in hundreds of small towns. More and more kids don’t need to be taught that policing is racist, nor that police anchor a historic system of racial domination. They see it everywhere.

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Rolling Stone

Back to School? Roundtable of Educators and Parents Discuss Anxieties, Solutions

What is more normal — and expected — each end of summer than students and teachers to return to school. So far, the coronavirus crisis has killed an estimated 180,000 so far within United States borders. And in some cases, public school teachers have been deemed “essential workers” and told to return to classrooms — even if they’ve been exposed to Covid-19.

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