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Education #13

  • PhDs need support
  • Further education for grads
  • Don’t scrap testing
  • Suing over cuts
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The Atlantic

The Fight Against Words That Sound Like, but Are Not, Slurs

Colleges are torn apart when faculty are punished and publicly vilified for accidentally giving offense.

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The Conversation

Young African migrants are pushed into uni, but more find success and happiness in vocational training

For disadvantaged people with disrupted educational trajectories, such as refugees, vocational qualifications can widen access to paid jobs and enhance economic independence. But many still consider vocational education and training (VET) qualifications not as prestigious as university degrees. This is a widespread issue, especially in African communities.

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Financial Times ($)

The future of the university in the age of Covid

Shortly after the start of lockdown, British households became hooked on the BBC’s adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel Normal People. The show’s protagonists, Marianne and Connell, fall in love at school and find each other again at university — first at a party, then in a bar, then in her rooms. In their own melancholic way, they live the undergraduate dream — love, growing up, intellectual pretension.

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Inside Higher Ed

University of Chicago English faculty prioritizes Black studies graduate students for 2021

Departments have been having quiet conversations since the start of the pandemic about how graduate admissions will be affected: Will there be money to support new graduate students in COVID-19-reduced budgets? Even if there is money, is it ethical to admit new Ph.D. students amid widespread faculty hiring freezes?

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Gen (Medium)

‘Patriotic Education’ Is How White Supremacy Survives

No, Trump can’t rewrite school curriculums himself, but a thousand mini-Trumps on the nation’s school boards can

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The Conversation

PhD students need support at the best of the times. How can you help in a pandemic?

A typical Australian PhD often involves a focused research project at one university, with one to two supervisors, and often far from your home or home country. It can be a quite isolating experience.

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Irish Times

Breda O’Brien: Why the class of 2020 should consider further education

This year would seem to be the perfect year for the Leaving Cert class of 2020 (and those who deferred from 2019) to really think about Further Education and Training (FET) courses.

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Westchester Journal News

NYSUT sues state to prevent looming cuts for education

As school districts brace for deep cuts to their state funding, the statewide teachers union has sued the state to prevent the cuts from happening.

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New York Times

Donald Trump vs. the Ivy League: An Election-Yr Battle

When it comes to criticizing the nation’s most elite universities, the Trump administration has had a busy year. In recent months, it has accused Yale of discriminating against white and Asian-American applicants and opposed Harvard’s affirmative action policy. It threatened to force international students to leave the country if their coursework was entirely online — a policy that would have disproportionately affected Harvard and other elite research universities. And last week, it began a civil rights investigation of Princeton, based on a letter from the university’s president that expressed concern about systemic racism at the school, and vowed to combat it.

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The 74 Million

Analysis: It’s Tempting to Scrap Testing, but We Need Data to Measure Student Progress. It’s Time for a Fresh Approach

Emergency investments in data collection, high-quality research and systems to bring this information together offer the best chance to be flexible, adaptable and innovative in meeting student needs in this new era

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