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Education #14

  • Unis face staff cuts
  • Data privacy in schools
  • America’s history
  • Graduating in 2020
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The Conversation

As universities face losing 1 in 10 staff, COVID-driven cuts create 4 key risks

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a sudden and very big decline in Australian universities’ revenue as a result of the loss of international student enrolments. Being excluded from the federal government’s JobKeeper program has forced universities to embark on immediate and sustained cost-cutting. Our newly released research identifies several significant risks associated with this approach.

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The 74 Million

Collective Action Can Change Our Schools So Low-Income Children of Color in L.A., and Across the Country, Can Succeed

A call for organizations across the city and country to invest in leaders of color and support collective action to ensure our communities — those most affected by the inequities of the pandemic — can access quality schools now

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One Keystroke At A Time

At the beginning of May, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to “revolutionize” education. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he said, would mastermind it, assembling a task force of experts to create a blueprint for a new kind of learning, one that would last beyond the pandemic and the chaotic first weeks of online education.

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Diversity in science: next steps for research group leaders

Many institutions publicly pledged their commitment to inclusion after Black Lives Matter protests this year. And researchers emphasize the need to maintain momentum.

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University of Birmingham

Research concludes that remote learning might not be a bad thing

Remote and blended approaches to teacher education can be as effective as face-to-face approaches concludes a new study from the University of Birmingham.

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Daily Pioneer

For a better tomorrow

The conventional model and approach in the Education Sector seem to be taking a backseat and the unprecedented times are calling for a newer approach to disseminate education without impacting its quality, says DR DNS Kumar

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Citizen Times

How should America’s story be told? Educators give answers as NC revises history standards

As President Trump proposes a focus on ‘patriotic education,’ North Carolina is in the midst of reconsidering how educators frame the American story.

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Times of San Diego

Opinion: It’s Now Clear That COVID-19 Will Change Public Education Forever – Times of San Diego

The coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our lives, but arguably the most impacted part is public education. COVID-19 has changed our traditional model of public education forever, and parents realize that learning is no longer restricted to the classroom.

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Irish Times

What was it like to graduate in 2020?

DCU graduate Ciara Ramsbottom describes how the pandemic impacted her final months of college

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The Saturday Paper

Coalition to cut $2 billion a year from university research

New analysis reveals the government intends to cut billions of dollars from university research, while reannouncing funds from elsewhere in the budget. By Rick Morton.

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