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Education #16

  • Abolishing Greek life
  • Student debt changes behavior
  • International students essential
  • Gym class goes virtual
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The Cut

The Sorority That Tried to Abolish Itself

In late July, not long after the protests over George Floyd’s death sparked a national conversation on abolishing the police, an Instagram account called @abolishnugreeklife was created.

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Arizona Daily Star

Pandemic upends plans, adds stress for first-generation, Latino college students

University of Arizona senior Armando Ramirez is not just facing the stress of figuring out college online with an unreliable internet connection. He is not only dealing with working two part-time jobs to help support his mom and ailing grandmother, while himself being uninsured during a pandemic.

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London School of Economics

How student debt influences the behaviour of graduates

Increasing debt balances induce workers to give up graduate school and buy a house to stop paying rent, write Marc Folch and Luca Mazzone.

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North Jersey

When gym class goes virtual, NJ phys ed teachers have to get creative

Two months ago, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) abruptly announced international college students would be barred from living in the U.S. if their schools did not hold in-person classes at the height of the pandemic.

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Education Dives

President Speaks: Why the U of Utah is investing in short-term credentials

The university is using coronavirus relief funding to create new opportunities for state residents to upskill.

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Ithaca Journal

International students are essential to colleges and the workforce. Here’s why | Opinion

Cornell University has seven sampling sites for COVID-19 testing. These samples are processed at the Cornell COVID-19 Testing Laboratory.

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Inside Higher Ed

College promise programs face cuts, uncertainty and changes

As states begin slashing budgets, some free college programs are feeling the sting.

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Brookings Institution

Big ideas to redesign K-12 for the automation age

Automation and artificial intelligence are transforming work at a dizzying pace. Rapid technological advances will require a forward-looking workforce that is ready to adapt. While much of the policy discussion has focused on the role of college, not all students attend college, and not all who do are ready for a rigorous technology-driven education. To prepare students for an increasingly automated future, we need to modernize K-12 education. This need is particularly obvious as children return to school this year; because of COVID-19, some students are learning online, others in person, and others in pods made up of children whose parents can afford to hire personal teachers.

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Irish Times

Just 2,820 students apply to sit postponed Leaving Cert exams next month

A total of 2,820 students have applied to sit the postponed 2020 Leaving Cert exams which are due to be held next month.

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New Times Rwanda

258 million African kids don’t go to school, technology can change

After many years of building and leading companies in the field of sustainable development across Africa, I have been through a long list of exciting moments.

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