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Education #3

  • Refugee students

  • Cacophony of crises

  • UK universities collapsing

  • Reopening NY schools
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Hechinger Report

TEACHER VOICE: Refugee students face extra hurdles in the pandemic

As the coronavirus picture changes daily, so must our thinking about traumatized children.

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Education Dive

A look at how colleges could benefit from $3B in coronavirus aid for states

Applications for the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund include few concrete details, but they show a focus on bolstering remote instruction.

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Press Trust of India

13 UK universities on brink of collapse without COVID-19 bailout: Report

The biggest losses will likely stem from falls in international student enrolments (between 1.4 billion pounds and 4.3 billion pounds, with a central estimate of 2.8 billion pounds) and increases in the deficits of university-sponsored pension schemes, which universities will eventually need to cover, it notes.

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Editor’s Note:

A new report suggests that as many as 13 UK universities could be on the brink of collapse due to the fall in international students. This article analyzes these findings and which institutions are particularly at risk.

Denver Post

From pandemic to recession, a “cacophony of crises” threatens Colorado’s higher education institutions

Angie Paccione, fresh off a weekly call with university presidents across Colorado, summed up the state of higher education in the midst of a pandemic, an economic recession and a reckoning with lifetimes worth of racial inequities: It’s a “cacophony of crises.”

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New York Times

New York City’s Biggest Decision: How to Safely Reopen Schools

The plan now emerging could have an enormous impact because the local economy may not fully recover until working parents can send children to school.

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Inside Higher Ed

California law sheds light on how private colleges handle applications from alumni children

California required colleges to report on their practices for admitting the children of alumni and donors. Here’s what it found out.

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Editor’s Note:

A California law that asked colleges to report about practices related to admitting the children of alumni and donors has revealed some interesting details. Scott Jaschik reviews the results and wonders about the impact of the “Varsity Blues” admissions scandal.

Daily Maverick (South Africa)

OPINIONISTA: Universities should consider restructuring fees during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic offers an opportunity for the higher education sector to rethink much that is ingrained in it.

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Express Computer

With COVID 19 Providing a Major Disruption, The Future of EdTech Platforms Looks Promising

Increasing Internet penetration and ownership of smartphones as well as innovation in content has enabled a rapid surge in India’s EdTech sector. Over 4,000 edtech startups were launched in India in the past six years indicating the growth has been robust for the sector. According to estimates, Indian online learning market is expected to be worth USD 1.96 billion by 2021.

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Editor’s Note:

The ongoing pandemic has meant that students around the world are relying on e-learning more than ever before. This article by Dr Vivek Bindra argues that edtech platforms stand to gain the most from the current situation but that they need to make changes to be more accessible.

Chronicle of Higher Education

A Ph.D. Student Simulated a Day in the Life of a Covid 19-Era Campus. It Went Viral, but It Wasn’t Pretty.

Imagine you’re a student, juggling excitement about your classes with the fear of attending them in person under the specter of Covid-19.

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NBC News

Schools want to reopen. The question is safety — and the problem is money.

Florida teacher Amy Spies’ classroom is normally so cramped that her 22 fourth-graders do not even have space to hang their backpacks over their chairs.

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