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Education #5

  • Outdoor school?
  • Rise of the Zutors
  • The ADA has fallen short
  • NZ launches 10-year plan
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The Guardian

Rise of pandemic pods and ‘Zutors’: parents turn to private schooling amid coronavirus

Faced with the reality that many schools will be online-only this fall, families look for solutions – which could exacerbate inequality

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Editor’s Note:

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way the education industry works for schools but also outside of schools, as video tutoring has become much more common. Mario Koran writes about the controversy around hiring private Zoom tutors or ‘Zutors’.

Brookings Institution

Romania’s long-term growth challenge: Raising the alarm of skills deficit

As the first in a series of two, this blog explores Romania’s supply-side skills gaps and demand-side skills shortages.

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Inside Higher Ed

More colleges should be teaching human rights courses today (opinion)

Our society is under simultaneous assaults on political, cultural, economic and social norms. Many people, especially those in different generations, are polarized as we confront an accelerated pace of change against institutionalized racism, bigotry and a systemically flawed criminal justice system that for too long has targeted the marginalized because of their skin color, ethnicity, country of origin or (lower) economic standing.

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The Conversation

Schools after coronavirus: Seize ‘teachable moments’ about racism and inequities

Equity issues in education are in the spotlight as we envision what opening schools might look like in September.

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South China Morning Post

Singapore, Malaysia see uptick in Chinese student interest amid pandemic

While students from China see Britain, the US and Australia as top choices for university, travel restrictions and fraying bilateral ties are now a deterrent.

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Editor’s Note:

Traditionally, Chinese students used to prefer studying in universities based in the US, UK or Australia. However, there has been a slight transition towards Singaporean and Malaysian universities in recent times, Kimberly Lim reports.

Radio NZ

A new 10-year action plan for Pacific Education launched

A new educational action plan focusing on ensuring Pacific learners and families reach their full potential was released in New Zealand this week.

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Parents Are Forming Exclusive School Pods. More Inequality Will Follow.

Click into any online parent group this summer and you’re guaranteed to hear panicked parents working to figure out stable schooling options for their kids. Pandemic pods, or learning pods, are sure to be offered up as solution.

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Outdoor school in Israel too during the coronavirus crisis? Don’t bet on it

This week Prof. Nir Orion of the Weizmann Institute of Science sent a letter to education experts he knew both inside and outside the Education Ministry. He was seizing on an idea that is gradually taking hold around the world.

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The Hill

The COVID-19 shock may fundamentally alter the economics of private colleges

How many private residential colleges will survive the COVID-19 shock? Certainly not all. Many U.S. higher educational institutions were already under financial duress, and the virus outbreak has created fresh hurdles for colleges and universities to surmount. The U.S. higher education sector, like the travel and leisure industry, is facing a rude awakening to a rapidly transforming reality in which traditional precepts are challenged, and institutions are forced to engage in radical changes to survive.

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The ADA Has Fallen Short for Black Students. It’s Past Time to Fix That

When I was 7, my parents received my evaluation results: dyslexia. They were told by the expert not to expect much from me academically. Two years later, on July 26, 1990, the day the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law, I was entering 4th grade.

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Editor’s Note:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) had its thirty year anniversary on 26th July. Here Laura Schifter writes about how the act has failed black students in the US and also wonders whether the situation can be fixed.