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Education #7

  • South Africa & radical changes
  • Distance learning dilemma
  • Redeploying teachers
  • Delivery of microcredentials
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South China Morning Post

Schools with cross-border pupils, kindergartens expect more dropouts

More than 100 Hong Kong students living on the mainland have quit in the past school year, principals say.

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This is what distance learning should look like in the fall

When Kim Reeder started teaching in Parker, Colorado, 14 years ago, she found that managing the classroom environment took way more time and energy than actually teaching kids, and she couldn’t reach as many of them as she wanted.

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Daily Maverick

Open or closed, South African schools need radical social change

If one compares schools to cars, a tiny minority own multiple luxury sedans, 4x4s, or bakkies. A second, small group of households own one or more Toyota Corollas or Volkswagen Polos. A third, larger group of households share access to ‘skedonks’: old, beat-up, stuck-together-so-they-barely-work, unsafe, third-hand cars. Most of our schools are skedonks.

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Press Trust of India

Education policy to enable creative learning, boost job prospects: Ind-Ra

Ind-Ra said the new National Education Policy 2020 will enable creative learning among students and boost their employment prospects.

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Education Week

How Schools Can Redeploy Teachers in Creative Ways During COVID-19

As a school year like no other approaches, principals and teachers are experimenting with new staffing arrangements that are designed to provide support for the deep academic and emotional needs of children who are returning to school—physically or virtually—after the coronavirus threw their lives and learning into disarray.

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The pandemic could turn schools into hot spots. Demand for private tutors is skyrocketing as a result.

Around mid-July, Meghan Colasanti joked to her business partner, Karmin Braun, that they might need to hire a secretary.

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Australian Financial Review

Delivery of microcredentials set to be a permanent part of unis

Our experience delivering microcredentials – short, online courses – is a positive example.

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How BYJU’S Is Leveraging Acquisitions To Build An Edtech Empire

There has been a larger trend of mergers and acquisitions in the Indian edtech space which could see the sector become a duopoly in the coming years.

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Oxford Student

Mind The Gap, Don’t Make It Wider

Cuts, debts, loans and fees – the economic impact of coronavirus on the nation’s stability has meant this financial jargon is at the forefront of government discussions and news debates. One area inextricable from such discourses? Transport.

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UNB News

Covid-19 causes biggest disruption of education system in history

Nearly 1.6 billion learners across the world have been affected by the largest disruption of education systems in history caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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