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Education #9

  • Campus testing varies
  • The English-medium debate
  • Diversity among faculty
  • UK medical students suffer
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Inside Higher Ed

COVID-19 testing strategies vary widely across institutions

Colleges are planning a wide range of COVID-19 testing strategies, ranging from frequent universal testing to no campus-based testing at all. Variation of approaches raises questions about equity.

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On English-medium education, India is having the same debates it did 200 years ago

While the colonists introduced it, elite Indians took to English-medium education like a duck to water.

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New Statesman

Why rebranding higher education as “job training” is an offence to humanism

Too many governments seem determined to diminish the type of education that nurtures free and independent thinking.

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Business Today

Reboot Economy XIX: How India relies on low-paid ad hoc teachers for schooling children

For more than a decade, the ASERs (Annual Status of Education Report) have documented the poor quality of education in India.

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Prop. 16 could boost racial equity among university faculty

Repealing the ban on affirmative action will make it easier for public colleges and universities to target underrepresented groups for faculty positions.

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Scientific American

How to Ensure America’s Quantum Future

It hinges on the U.S. remaining a global beacon for international STEM talent.

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Blockchain could help colleges like ASU provide better, more secure online education

Blockchain will play a key role in ASU’s online education plans.

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Associated Press

Aspiring UK medical students in limbo because of exam fiasco

Chris Byrne and Khadijah E. Olonade worked hard to get into medical school, but the computer said no.

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NEA Today

How Did an NEA Member Get $103,000 in Student Debt Erased?

The story of Sean Ichiro Manes, a New Jersey elementary music teacher who scaled mountains of anti-educator bureaucracy in Betsy DeVos’ Department of Education (ED) to finally win Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) after nearly 11 years of paying on his federal student loan debt, is a portrait in persistence.

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AZ Central

Considering homeschooling during COVID-19? Insider advice from experienced Phoenix parents

Taking on the responsibilities of both parent and teacher has its share of frustrations and learning curves, but a plethora of resources are available to help parents find the right homeschooling system for their children.

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