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Face Value #24

  • Muslims in Thailand
  • New push in Senate
  • India between China & US?
  • Detroit fallout
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Coda Story

Surveillance of minority Muslims in southern Thailand is powered by Chinese-style tech

Mandatory biometric registration has left many Malay Muslims distrustful of the state and concerned about how new technologies will impact their lives

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AWS Facial Recognition Platform Misidentified Over 100 Politicians As Criminals

Comparitech’s Paul Bischoff found that Amazon’s facial recognition platform misidentified an alarming number of people, and was racially biased.

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Editor’s Note:

Readers of Face Value may remember Paul Bischoff’s work testing AWS on members of Congress from several weeks ago. Now his effort is getting more attention, and he spoke to ThreatPost’s Lindsey O’Donnell here

NBC News

2 Democratic senators to propose ban on use of facial recognition by federal law enforcement

The bill would also make federal funding for state and local law enforcement contingent on the enactment of similar bans.

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Your Story

Pivot and Persist: this startup has built AI thermal kiosks for contactless COVID-19 screening

Hyderabad-based healthtech startup Arvi has reinvented itself and developed AI thermal kiosks for COVID-19 screening

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Fast Company

Facial recognition technology is inevitable—it’s time we make it human-centered

On the back of the Black Lives Matters movement, IBM decided to get out of the facial recognition (FR) business altogether. Amazon announced a one-year moratorium on police use of its FR software, Rekognition, and Microsoft declared that it would do the same until there is a federal law to regulate the technology.

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Editor’s Note:

Many of the articles in Face Value voice concern about how facial recognition is being used. Here Maelle Gavet takes a slightly different approach and says that adoption is inevitable, but details guardrails she would like to see.


Time to ban facial recognition in Australia before it wrecks more lives

US states, cities, police forces and tech companies are turning their backs on facial recognition technology. Why is Australia continuing to embrace it?

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A New Era of Surveillance For the NYPD

The City Council is finally addressing the NYPD’s far-reaching surveillance powers. But some advocates say the much-celebrated legislation is hardly a victory.

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Detroit Free Press

Detroit police facial recognition technology identifies wrong man

When the Detroit Police Department called Robert Williams, he thought it was a prank.

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Editor’s Note:

You may remember the story of Rober Julian-Borchak Williams from our last edition of this newsletter. His story has continued to resonate in Michigan and across the US. Here Nancy Kaffer of the Detroit Free Press digs further into it on the local level.

Venture Beat

ACM calls for governments and businesses to stop using facial recognition

An Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) tech policy group today urged lawmakers to immediately suspend use of facial recognition by businesses and governments, citing documented ethnic, racial, and gender bias. In a letter (PDF) released today by the U.S. Technology Policy Committee (USTPC), the group acknowledges the tech is expected to improve in the future but is not yet “sufficiently mature” and is therefore a threat to people’s human and legal rights.

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USA May Go the Opposite Way of China on Facial Recognition: Where Does India Stand?

India has so far applied facial recognition tools in matters of law and order; will US’ general move against the technology influence and help us to not become the next China?

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