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Face Value #29

  • Ban approved in Portland
  • Hacking facial recognition
  • The next big play
  • Chinese tech in Belgrade
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Emerging Europe

Privacy advocates sound alarm as thousands of Chinese facial recognition cameras head for Belgrade

Hundreds of facial recognition cameras, supplied by Huawei, are currently deployed in Serbia’s capital Belgrade, and thousands more are on their way, as part of an initiative police officials have said will make the capital safer.

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Portland Press Herald

Portland councilors approve ban on facial recognition technology

After delaying the vote numerous times since Councilor Pious Ali proposed it in November, the council votes unanimously and with little explanation.

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Policy Forum

Surveillance, COVID-19, and the unexpected problems of a new normal

With citizens accessing the Internet in droves in the COVID-19 crisis, governments and corporations are taking advantage of the ‘new normal’ to ramp up their surveillance of public behaviour, Varya Srivastava writes.

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Cornell Sun

Big Tech Curbs Police Use of Facial Recognition Systems Due to Racial Biases

Several tech giants recently banned or limited the police from using their facial recognition products, in response to nationwide protests calling for an end to police brutality and discrimination against Black Americans.

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Radio Free Asia

China’s Virus Testing Pledge Sparks DNA Fears in Hong Kong

Concerns are growing in Hong Kong that a mass coronavirus testing program could result in the DNA of Hongkongers being sent to mainland China, potentially for law enforcement and surveillance purposes.

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Singapore’s Universal Studios deploys facial recognition for entry

Visitors to Universal Studios in Singapore will now have to pass through facial recognition scanners to enter the park, in the city-state’s latest foray with a technology that has stoked privacy concerns.

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WSJ ($)

Facial Recognition’s Next Big Play: the Sports Stadium

Los Angeles Football Club wants to ‘move everything to face,’ while the New York Mets are testing system on players and staff.

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The Hill

Merkley, Sanders introduce bill limiting corporate facial recognition

Sens. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced legislation Tuesday aimed at limiting the corporate use of facial recognition technology.

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MIT Technology Review

The hack that could make face recognition think someone else is you

A team from the cybersecurity firm McAfee set up the attack against a facial recognition system similar to those currently used at airports for passport verification. By using machine learning, they created an image that looked like one person to the human eye, but was identified as somebody else by the face recognition algorithm — the equivalent of tricking the machine into allowing someone to board a flight despite being on a no-fly list.

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Biometric Update

trinamiX’s beam profile analysis boosts biometric facial recognition on mobile devices

Since February, German BASF subsidiary trinamiX has been part of Qualcomm’s software accelerator program, actively developing its beam profile analysis technology to improve biometric performance, among other applications. Qualcomm has been closely involved in helping the technology scale, working alongside the startup to make it available for multiple devices and verticals, the company says in a blog post.

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