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Free Wheeling #21

  • Attack on autopilots
  • Personal injury law
  • Tesla nearing milestone
  • “Why We Drive”
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South China Morning Post

Why 5G is an essential part of China’s road map for autonomous driving

When Chinese autonomous driving start-up WeRide conducted a remote driving test using 4G wireless networks two years ago, the results were underwhelming: the top speed reached within safety parameters was only 5km per hour.

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Editor’s Note:

There is everything that goes into self-driving cars, but there is also what exists outside of them. Here the team at SCMP looks at the importance of 5G to autonomous vehicle startups in China.

Max Planck Society

Attack on autopilots

How fast the development from assisted to fully automated vehicles will progress is uncertain. One crucial factor here is the reliability with which a vehicle can navigate in its surroundings and react to unforeseeable incidents. Our group at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems showed that methods for motion analysis based on deep neural networks – likely components in future autonomous vehicles – can be confused by small patterns designed to “attack” these networks.

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Smart Cities Dive

Beep CEO: AV safety, consolidation and post-pandemic ops

The Florida-based autonomous vehicle company has managed to prioritize people-first expansion, despite its temporary pause of people-moving services.

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Self-Driving Cars and the Future of Personal Injury Law

Self-driving cars are under high scrutiny, but we shouldn’t ignore the impact they will have on the world once the world accepts their innovative technology.

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Editor’s Note:

Techies and motorheads are waiting for the arrival of self-driving cars, but others are interested in what will happen as well. Here is a take on what self-driving cars may mean for a facet of the law world.

U.S. Army

Army researchers enhance communications for multi-agent teaming

Army researchers are collaborating to enhance multi-agent teaming capabilities for the Soldier that will lead to improved situational awareness and communication capabilities on the battlefield.

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Traffic Technology Today

How can we make CAVs drive like humans?

Despite recent successes in landmark trials of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), getting driverless technology onto public roads is still dependent on getting such vehicles to behave and react to complex scenarios in a human-like manner. Here, Richard Hillman (pictured), principal CAV engineer at Horiba Mira, examines how industry and government collaboration on projects such as HumanDrive is making great strides in adding the ‘human touch’ to CAVs.

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The Economist ($)

Driverless cars show the limits of today’s AI

In March Starsky Robotics, a self-driving lorry firm based in San Francisco, closed down. Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, its founder, gave several reasons for its failure. Investors’ interest was already cooling, owing to a run of poorly performing tech-sector ipos and a recession in the trucking business.

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Tesla nears historic milestone of world’s most valuable car manufacturer

With a market capitalisation of more than $190 billion, Tesla still has some distance to close to reach Toyota’s $212 billion valuation

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Editor’s Note:

Both traditional automakers and upstarts are in the self-driving game, though one of the newbies is about to overtake the old. Here is a write up on Tesla looking to be the world’s most valuable car manufacturer.


Self-driving sector contends its cars can prevent many more crashes than insurance study says

Companies working on self-driving vehicles have criticized an insurance industry study suggesting that only a third of all U.S. road crashes could be prevented by driverless cars, arguing that the study has underestimated the technology’s capabilities

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‘Why We Drive’ Takes Aim at Self-Driving Vehicles and Other Threats to Car Culture

Why did Jack Kerouac write On The Road, and Willie Nelson “On The Road Again?” Why did America sing “Ventura Highway,” and why do people take cross-country road trips? In a book called Why We Drive: Toward a Philosophy of the Open Road, one might expect for these questions to be pondered.

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