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Free Wheeling #25

  • The eclipse of horses
  • How Tesla’s success helps
  • Leap in LiDAR
  • AI and the Army
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University of Colorado

Leap in lidar could improve safety, security of new technology

Whether it’s on top of a self-driving car or embedded inside the latest gadget, Light Detection and Ranging (lidar) systems will likely play an important role in our technological future, enabling vehicles to ‘see’ in real-time, phones to map three-dimensional images and enhancing augmented reality in video games.

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Editor’s Note:

Safety is a major part of mobility and researchers are always on the lookout for ways to ensure that our cars become safer. Kelsey Simpkins writes up that scientists from the University of Colorado have found a new way to improve the resolution and scanning speed needed for a LiDAR system.

The National

What the eclipse of horses tells us about electric cars

The world might be on the verge of another revolution like that of the replacement of the horse with the rise of electric cars and self-driving.

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Why the Cars of Our Self-Driving Future Will Be Electric

Cars aren’t going away any time soon. So the ultimate green move will be combining two emerging technologies: autonomous driving and fully electric cars. Autonomy brings efficiency in driving and battery use, while electric cars drastically cut emissions, fuel costs and maintenance.

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Exclusive: Amazon plans at least $100 mln to keep Zoox talent after $1.3 billion deal

Amazon.com Inc plans to create at least $100 million in stock awards to retain the 900-plus employees of Zoox, the self-driving car startup it offered to buy last month, and can walk away from the deal if large numbers of them turn down job offers from the technology giant.

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Tesla’s Success Is Good News For Everyone

During the second quarter of the year, despite production being stopped due to the lockdown, Tesla managed to produce total 82,272 units and to ship over 90,650, jus t a 4.8% decline from the previous quarter, which had been a historical record for the company.

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Business Insider ($)

A top industry executive says there are 3 major players in the autonomous-vehicle industry, and Waymo, the most talked-about company in the business, isn’t one of them

An autonomous-vehicle company needs a talented software team, a lot of money, and close ties to a car company to become a major player in the industry, according to Karl Iagnemma, the CEO of Hyundai and Aptiv’s autonomous-vehicle joint venture.

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Editor’s Note:

Do makers of self-driving cars need close ties to those already in the auto industry? Here Business Insider sits down with Karl Iagnemma, the CEO of Hyundai and Aptiv’s autonomous-vehicle joint venture, and discusses.

Clean Technica

Is Recogni The Next Big Thing In Autonomous Driving?

In CleanTechnica’s exclusive, in-depth interview with Peter Mertens, former board member of Audi, Volkswagen Group, Volvo, & Jaguar Land Rover and former R&D head of Audi (published yesterday), Dr. Mertens briefly discussed a few startups he’s now on the board of. One of those was Recogni, and no offense to the others (which I’ll come back to in another article), but Recogni seemed to be the one that got him most lit up.

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National Interest

How AI Will Help Control the Army’s Fighting Vehicles

The U.S. Army wants future armored vehicles to instantly make decisions about terrain navigation, target identification, incoming enemy fire, force positions and warfare strategy. In fact, the military wants this to happen in a matter of seconds and all without every nuance needing to be controlled or micromanaged by humans. It is a known and often discussed concept, rapidly gaining traction as new technology continues to emerge at rocket speed.

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The Next Web

EV fans deplete Dutch gov’s €10M electric vehicle grant in just 8 days

In just eight days, the Dutch have managed to use up €10 million ($11.3M USD) worth of subsidies to support the purchase of new electric vehicles, Dutch outlet NOS reported earlier today.

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Editor’s Note:

The Dutch government had recently announced a €10 million electric vehicle grant for consumers in the country. Matthew Beedham reports that the grant was fully used up within eight days, highlighting the popularity of electric vehicles in the country.


Audi to showcase next-gen EV technology with possible A9 e-tron, due in 2024

In late May, Audi announced the launch of a new agile team to push the envelope on electric and autonomous technology. Volkswagen’s luxury brand said the so-called Artemis project would work on a pioneering vehicle. Autocar reports today that Audi will develop an all-electric flagship sedan to showcase that technology.

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