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Future of Food #31

  • Plant-based meat lowers risk
  • The secrets of sourdough
  • Tackling waste in China
  • Farming on Bangkok roofs
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Latin America: The Next Plant-Based Frontier?

Around the world, the concept of reducing or completely ditching animal products from our lives has blossomed into what may be a seismic shift in collective attitudes. The reasons for such a change vary, from concern about animal welfare and the environment to a desire for improved overall health.

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Stanford University

Plant-based meat lowers some cardiovascular risk factors compared with red meat, study finds

A diet that includes an average of two servings of plant-based meat alternatives lowers some cardiovascular risk factors compared with a diet that instead includes the same amount of animal meat, Stanford Medicine scientists found.

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Knowable Magazine

Microbial secrets of sourdough

It all starts with a community teeming with yeasts and bacteria — but what’s really happening? Scientists peer into those jars on the kitchen counter to find out.

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China wants you to say no to wasting food

Food waste in online orders and online broadcasts of people eating are to be brought under greater scrutiny in Shanghai.

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World Economic Forum

We need a digital revolution to improve our fragile food systems

One of the most striking images of the coronavirus pandemic is the contrast between farmers dumping milk, smashing eggs, and plowing vegetables back into the soil and consumers facing empty store shelves and long lines at food distribution centers. How is it possible to have over-abundance on one hand and scarcity on the other?

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Impossible Foods raises $200 million in fresh funding

Plant-based burger maker Impossible Foods said on Thursday it secured $200 million in funding, less than six months after it raised the largest investment ever for a food tech startup, bringing total funds raised since its founding in 2011 to $1.5 billion.

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The Hindu

Govt. embarks on drafting food processing policy

Incentives for those coming forward to invest in the sector: KTR.

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Channel NewsAsia

In times of crisis, Bangkok is finding space to grow its own food on rooftops

BANGKOK: In a neighbouring province of the Thai capital, in one of the metropolis’ hottest and most polluted industrial zones is not an obvious place to start a farming enterprise.

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Food Ingredients First

Dried ingredients for clean label preservation, low calorie positioning and color vibrancy

Crunchy dried vegetable ingredients and organic fruit and vegetable varieties are popular in today’s market. These pure, plant-based ingredients aid in boosting color vibrancy and flavor with a clean, single-ingredient label in consumer products with health, vegan and low calorie positionings. In addition, some dried ingredients offer the potential to replace artificial additives for clean label preservation.

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Can free fridges tackle food insecurity and ‘poverty porn’? Two mutual aid orgs challenge status quo

On this episode of the “Extra Spicy” podcast, Gabriela Alemán of the Mission Meals Coalition and Ashley Rahimi Syed of SF Community Fridge have teamed up to bring a fridge stocked with fresh food to San Francisco’s Mission District amid the pandemic. They talk about protecting the dignity of those they serve, and mitigating the “performative” aspect of some of the giving.

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