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Future of Food #36

  • Grocery politics
  • Pandemic of hunger
  • Throwaway culture
  • Reforming pigs
Published every Thursday

San Diego Union Tribune

Coronavirus leading to secondary pandemic of hunger in Baja California

Seven days a week, Karina Amaya Salamanca gets up at dawn to set up a tent along a busy highway on the southern outskirts of Tijuana.

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Mette Lykke on food waste and building a big startup on a big idea

Food has been an ever-present touchpoint in the world of startups, and I don’t mean the free catered lunches, or expansive canteens that you get in bigger places, to keep startup workers sustained but also focused on building, without leaving the building.

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Buying from Babiš: The politics of Czech grocery shopping

PRAGUE — In the Czech Republic, even groceries are political.

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Taipei Times

Reforming the pig farming industry

US pork products are to enter the Taiwanese market next year and domestic pig farmers are expected to be hit hard. To help alleviate the impact, the Council of Agriculture (COA) has announced the establishment of a NT$10 billion (US$342.96 million) fund to aid the nation’s pig farming industry.

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Houston Chronicle

“They have been promised things for so long by people with clipboards and a pen … then nobody ever did nothing.”

Bridget James couldn’t put the tissue up her nose fast enough to stop the bleeding.

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Food Business News

Food Entrepreneur: From concept to commercialization

PHILADELPHIA — A couple of years ago a curious graduate student on a quest to reduce food waste began experimenting with avocado seeds.

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Princeton University

The future of food in a changing climate

A cornucopia, a symbol of abundance, is filled to overflowing with fruit and vegetables.

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Food Navigator USA

Planterra (OZO) enters foodservice market, gains traction at retail after delayed launch

“Our timing wasn’t great. Just as we were about to go into stores, retailers’ sole focus had shifted to blocking and tackling to keep every day products on the shelf… and they were saying, we’re really sorry, we’ll talk again as soon as things settle down…

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How coronavirus is changing the future of our food

From seasonal vegetables in vending machines, to robo-barristas and thermo-scanners, Covid-19 is changing the future of our food – and it’s not all bad.

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Irish Times

Ireland’s throwaway culture generating increasing levels of waste, EPA finds

Ireland continues to be a throwaway society and depends heavily on incineration, while recycling of some waste categories has peaked, according to the latest statistics report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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