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Future of Food #37

  • Wurst is over
  • Indoor in Big Apple
  • Berry good news
  • Climate conundrum
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Thomson Reuters

Can the Covid-19 Crisis Help Reboot Urban Food in Africa?

Food security is growing with the pandemic – but there are ways to fight back

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The Guardian

The wurst is over: why Germany now loves to go vegetarian

Inside a shopping mall in south Berlin, two colleagues are chomping on hamburgers and fries, cheese sauce running down their fingers as they try to beat the lunchtime clock.

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Eater New York

How NYC’s Food Journalists Feel About the Return of Indoor Dining

“Eater editors get asked one question more than any other: Where should I eat right now?” Those are the words that formerly introduced Eater’s restaurant guides to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. These days, though, the question most asked of Eater editors isn’t what or where to eat, but whether it’s safe to do so at all.

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Food Ingredients First

Cellular agriculture: Acceptance of cultured meat flourishes in France and Germany

New research indicates substantial potential markets for cultured meat and the movement towards reduced-meat diets across Germany and France. The study finds that there is growing acceptance of non-meat diets in both countries – although a strong sense of tradition and culture still hold sway in terms of attitudes, particularly in France.

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The New Humanitarian

The crisis on the Venezuela-Colombia border

A humanitarian crisis has been brewing for the past six months on the Venezuela-Colombia border, where COVID-19 lockdown measures have had a devastating effect on Indigenous and migrant communities strained by the influx of tens of thousands of Venezuelan returnees.

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Tokyo University of Science

Berry good news — new compound from blueberries could treat inflammatory disorders

Scientists show how a polyphenolic compound derived from blueberry can treat inflammatory bowel disease

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Would You Eat Food Waste To Help Tackle The Climate Crisis? These Companies Are Betting On It.

From soup and juice to salsa and mayo, turning food waste into new edible products is a growing industry.

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Stuff NZ

The climate conundrum: How to get people to eat to save the planet

Eating a plant-based diet has been identified as one of the four most important actions we can take as individuals to tackle the climate crisis.

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Supermarket News

4 steps for retailers, distributors responding to new challenges

Flexibility, greater need for safety and efficiency drive near- and long-term future for food and beverage companies, says Bank of America executive

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Liberian Observer

Liberia: ‘GOL’s Covid-19 Food Distribution Too Slow’

After three months of monitoring the Liberian government’s food distribution to households and communities, the Institute for Research and Democracy (IREDD) on Thursday, released its findings with 5.5% of the population receiving COVID 19 stimulus food in four months with a serious reservation of flaws and unreasonable procrastination.

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