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Future of Food #38

  • Water balancing act
  • Food Loss and Waste Day
  • Farmers in protest
  • Next wave of GMOs
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Food Dive

How to make plant-based ingredients look, smell and taste like meat

From the aroma created by cooking to the replicating the different textures, ADM’s flavorists and protein experts detail the complex process to design a product similar to the real thing.

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The Nevada Independent

In correcting misappropriation of water, state must balance legal rights with existing use

OVERTON, Nev. — More than three decades ago, Joe Davis landed a part-time job installing pipes for the Moapa Valley Water District. When he took the job, his grandfather gave him a piece of advice: “Keep your nose clean and do anything you are asked.” Davis followed it.

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UN Food and Agriculture Organization

Food loss and waste must be reduced for greater food security and environmental sustainability

First International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste observed on 29 September 2020

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The Hill

A teachable moment on sustainability

This is far from a typical year. We can, and should, use this moment to promote bold change. Because — even as our nation grapples with an acute public health emergency wrought by the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting fiscal crisis — the U.S. remains largely unprepared for another disaster that is already in progress and will only grow into the future: the threat of climate change. We — a former governor and administrator of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, and a former U.S. education secretary — believe that America’s public schools are an essential and, as of yet, an underutilized asset in the fight against climate change and the work to build stronger communities.

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Times of Israel

In film on over-the-top Versailles gala at NY Met, Ottolenghi proves food is art

NEW YORK — Anyone who wants to argue that food cannot be art has clearly never cracked open a Yotam Ottolenghi cookbook.

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Ktchn Rebel

A tasteful step into the future | KTCHNrebel

These are the times. Nobody knows what it will be like tomorrow, let alone the day after tomorrow. It is futile to ask what gastronomy will look like in the next few decades, what we should get ready for and how we can profit from it. Is this really true?

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India Today

Farmers in protest: An angrier trend beyond new farm bills

The farmers’ protest continues in different parts of the country despite the Narendra Modi government asserting that the new farm bills are not against the interests of the farmers. Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Karnataka have seen protests over the farm bills 2020.

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New Times Rwanda

Plant-based diets can halt further climate change

The term vegan was initially coined by Donald Watson, a British man who was one of the founders of the original Vegan Society in 1944. Veganism is the ethical practice of avoiding as much as possible any cruelty towards non-human animals.

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Green Biz

Get ready for the next wave of GMOs | Greenbiz

One summer day almost 20 years ago, a group of protestors arrived at a plot of genetically modified corn growing near the town of Montelimar in southern France.

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Dairy Reporter

Some UK cheese rapped in new report on recyclable packaging

A new report from UK independent consumer group Which? says two-thirds of branded grocery packaging is not fully recyclable – and several well-known cheese brands came in for criticism.

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