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Future of Food #39

  • Free school meal surge
  • Fixing broken food system
  • Nobel for WFP
  • A disrupted Thanksgiving
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The Guardian

Surge in number of UK children applying for free school meals

Poverty campaigners estimate 1 million pupils have recently signed up for first time

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Barvecue: “The Word Excited Doesn’t Begin to Express How We Feel About the Possibility of Having an Impact in the Plant-Based Space”

North Carolina based Barvecue Inc, produces a hugely popular wood-smoked vegan pulled pork from soy and wheat, and is proud to produce with clean-label, non-GMO, US grown and processed ingredients. The company aims to “bring the best tasting barbecue to vegetarians, omnivores, and adventurous carnivores around the globe.”

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Vanguard Nigeria

COVID-19, food crisis and GYB

There are strong indications that if we had followed the prescriptions of Gov Bello, the country’s economy might not have gone south the way it is at the moment

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The Hill

How businesses can fix our broken food system

In 2020, society stopped taking food systems for granted.

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Tofurky is suing Louisiana for the right to label their veggie burgers “veggie burgers”

As of October 1, a new law in Louisiana bans grocery stores from calling veggie burgers “veggie burgers,” as well as many similar product labels like “plant-based sausages” or “seitan-based vegan bacon.”

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The Conversation

Nobel Peace Prize spotlights links between hunger and war

The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the United Nations World Food Programme for its efforts to combat hunger, foster conditions for peace in conflict-affected areas and prevent the use of hunger as a weapon of war. This choice starkly underscores growing concern about increasing global food insecurity and the clear connections between hunger and conflict.

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The Herald Scotland

Future fish stocks in Scotland bank on a sea change in attitudes

Aquaculture is playing a vital role in ensuring high-value seafood is harvested sustainably so future yields are not depleted – and it’s a topic Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre CEO Heather Jones plans to go deep on at a forthcoming virtual event held by Scotland’s Innovation Centres. By Andrew Collier

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New York Times

A Disrupted Thanksgiving Leaves the Turkey Business Guessing

Without big gatherings, will Americans buy whole birds? Smaller ones? Just parts? Farmers and retailers are already placing their bets.

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OC Register

Vast new reservoir in south Orange County gets its first drops of water

Right now, it’s just a huge hole in the hills off Ortega Highway in San Juan Capistrano. Really huge, as it’s designed to hold 1.6 billion gallons of water.

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International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Global food production poses an increasing climate threat

According to the authors of a new study published in Nature, rising nitrous oxide emissions are putting reaching climate goals and the objectives of the Paris Agreement in jeopardy.

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