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Future of Medicine #19

  • COVID and children
  • Race for a vaccine
  • Obesity and coronavirus
  • Mandatory masks
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What Do We Know About Children and COVID-19?

As COVID-19 burns through Texas, districts and health departments across the state are wrestling with how to provide childcare and schooling to the state’s 7 million-plus children. Jerri Barker, who runs a daycare in Waco, has watched warily as other facilities in the area began to report cases of COVID-19 in recent weeks. First, a church daycare, then a community center, two cases here, a few more there.

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The Conversation

How New Zealand could keep eliminating coronavirus at its border for months to come, even as the global pandemic worsens

Stringent border controls and mandatory quarantine give New Zealand a good chance to remain free of COVID-19 for months to come, according to our latest modelling.

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Editor’s Note:

A certain number of places have managed to keep coronavirus at a trickle. Here a group of academics analyze what is needed to keep it that way.


Flu vaccination ‘a professional and ethical responsibility’ for all HCWs

As a resident, William Schaffner, MD, once showed up to work with influenza and was met by an incredulous look from his chief resident, who promptly sent him home.

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Covid Vaccine Front-Runner Is Months Ahead of Her Competition

It was their mother’s vaccine — she leads the University of Oxford team that developed it — but there wasn’t a big family talk. “We didn’t really discuss it as I wasn’t home much at the time,” Gilbert told me recently. She’d been working around the clock, as one does while trying to end a pandemic, and at any rate wasn’t worried for her kids. “We know the adverse event profile and we know the dose to use, because we’ve done this so many times before,” she says. “Obviously we’re doing safety testing, but we’re not concerned.”

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Houston Chronicle

Houston’s surge of COVID-19 cases overwhelms contact tracing efforts

The surge in COVID-19 cases since mid-May has strained the ability of Houston and Harris County’s health departments to investigate infected residents and find each person whom they could have exposed to the virus, public health officials leading the effort said.

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American Society for Microbiology

Obesity and metabolic syndrome are risk factors for severe influenza, COVID-19

Metabolic syndrome increases the risk of severe disease from viral infection, according to a review of the literature performed by a team of researchers from St. Jude Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, both in Memphis. The research appears this week in the Journal of Virology, a publication of the American Society for Microbiology.

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Editor’s Note:

Factors like obesity have an impact on many diseases and how severe they are. Here researchers look into the nuances of obesity, diabetes and other conditions with COVID and the flu.

Medpage Today

Vaccine Race Is On: Oxford, China Products Show Good Early Results

The chimpanzee adenovirus viral vector vaccine (ChAdOx1) against the COVID-19 coronavirus, developed at Oxford University in England, was safe and produced an immune response in healthy adult volunteers, interim data from a phase I/II trial showed.

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A national mandatory mask order would prevent ‘walking weapons’ – STAT

Although lawmakers are engaged with many long-delayed, vital components of a comprehensive federal response to the Covid-19 pandemic, a national mandatory mask order — which can be implemented quickly — can be an important linchpin of a better federal response to the pandemic.

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Anchorage Daily News

Alaska does more COVID-19 tests with fewer positives than most other states. That doesn’t tell the whole story.

Alaska conducts more COVID-19 tests per capita than almost any other state in the country, a fact Gov. Mike Dunleavy mentions often at community briefings.

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Editor’s Note:

Different states have different policies when it comes to testing and also reporting on those tests. Here the ADN looks into what exactly is happening in Alaska.

New York Times

Big Business in Bangladesh: Selling Fake Coronavirus Certificates

NEW DELHI — The Bangladeshi authorities have arrested the owner of a hospital who they said had sold migrant workers thousands of certificates showing a negative result on coronavirus tests, when in fact many tests were never performed.

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